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I don't think anyone has touched on the subject of what is 'obese'. If it's based on the outdated BMI scale then the results are to be taken with a pinch of salt. Fit athletes with large muscle mass and perhaps as little as 15% body fat can be recorded as grossly obese while an unfit person who has little muscle mass and 35% body can have a lower enough BMI to pass as...
13:52 Fri 01st Mar 2024
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DD 14:14 and he's probably the lightest in the team!

What we could do is take a leaf out of the fag packet campaign and insist all ultr processed/fatty foods have a lable with a picture of Diane Abbott in a string bikini.

That should stop it pretty quick.

Indeed Tora - Manu has a BMI of 32, which makes him obese!

The obese are always bigger than the starving.

Does anyone here know the definition of 'obese'?

When I was  kid, we always had one in the class who was fat. Nowadays, loads of kids are 'fat' by those standards. When you see them behind the trolley in the supermarket, their parents are also 'fat'.

Most politicians are 'fat'. Fat is the new normal.

Old films show people with cheekbones. Nowadays faces are like potatoes. Look at Cameron or most politicians or anyone else with a decent income. Sunak is skinny, and gets teased for it.


I've always been in favour of a fat tax. We do it on other unhealthy things like cigs and booze, why not domino's and Greggs pasties?

No one should be in favour of more taxes. It's a manipulation attempt on the citizen by demanding money with menaces.

Atheist, I know the BMI and waist measurements definition of obese but they are not mine.


I thought that obese meant really, really  fat. Isn't it obvious when you see it?

Atheist, Iq think the same as you.  You don't have to work out a BMI for obese.   You can just see it.  In fact I wouldn't call 30 on the stupid BMI scale obese.q

//No one should be in favour of more taxes//

I'm in favour of the ones that benefit society as a whole, irrespective of whether it costs me an extra £10 a year or not.

61 to 72 of 72rss feed

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Do you know the answer?

Obesity Now A Bigger Problem Than Starvation.......

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