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Corbyn Vs Farage Part 2

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Hymie | 22:01 Sat 09th Mar 2024 | News
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Earlier in the week royfromaus posted on this subject - with a number of posters linking news stories – but not of what Farage actually said, well here he is saying it in this short video.


What Farage actually said (that could get him into hot water) was ‘but I never was a subscriber to the madcap conspiracy theory that the Jews run the world; but I tell you who was, yes, Jeremy Corbyn the Labour leader’.




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Did no one understand my post at 08:35 Sun?

11:35 Mon:

Yes, and yet another example how the failed MP, Corbyn, carefully shows his dislike/hatred of the Jewish people, and this incident certainly isn't a one-off clumsy mistake.


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Corbyn Vs Farage Part 2

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