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Bbc News Obsessed With Gaza

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fender62 | 13:11 Fri 05th Apr 2024 | News
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i maybe wrong other aber's think the bbc are obsessed with gaza and everything anti conservative government wise, i dont see so much wall to wall coverage lie the bbc do, no wars anywhere else in the world or kidnappings and murder of christians in africa...



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Kidnappings of Christian in Africa - here's a challenge. Go through the Daily Mail, Spectator, Daily Mirror, Sky, CNN, Daily Telegraph and New Statesman websites and count the number of stories on these kidnaps.

When people attack the BBC, they're generally talking drivel.

No, not generally - comprehensively.

^^           ^^

When people defend the bbc they are always left wingers,you want to get out more.

There are few good guys in all of this, just some who are slightly less bad.

er there are a few million people involved - the ones have the crap bombed out of them. I hadnt realised that Biden arms to Israel involved aircraft to deliver 2000 lb bombs ( to bomb Gaza) No wonder it is mainly flat

sir, When a horrifying truth stares one in the face, it may be difficult to give a voice to it. The inevitable conclusion to be drawn from Israel's putting every difficulty in thw way of the delivery of food to Gaza is that it is trying to starve the Palestinians. By the import of food using a specially constructed pier, World Central Kitchen was making a significant hole in this policy. The result of the air strike that killed its workers has been to halt food delivery. The effect shows the reason for the action

Raymond Jack, Ridge, Wilts - letter to the Times

kinda puts it better than the Beeb who pussy foot around everything

Why not get the food in through the tunnels instead of bombs.

even better: thunk laterally.

why dont they eat cake?

Peter Pedant,they ate all the cake celebrating on the 7th of october.

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Bbc News Obsessed With Gaza

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