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Bbc News Obsessed With Gaza

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fender62 | 13:11 Fri 05th Apr 2024 | News
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i maybe wrong other aber's think the bbc are obsessed with gaza and everything anti conservative government wise, i dont see so much wall to wall coverage lie the bbc do, no wars anywhere else in the world or kidnappings and murder of christians in africa...



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I turned it off last night.

I agree - three ex-Marines being zeroed in an attack now called a "whoopsie" is much less newsworthy than say

Prince Harry's first bonk

it's on the front page of the Times, FT and Guardian websites.

But if you prefer to avoid it, the lead story on the Sun website is Prince Andrew seen smirking, which is proper real news.

What has he got to smirk about?

The...the... words fail me

it may just be an expression of royal hauteur

-- answer removed --

not jjust bbc. same on sky ATM

Must agree with you fender62,they aare like a dog with a bone over gaza,they just love showing all the goody-goody lefties every saturday bringing business to a standstill,why not get some footage of the bombs going over into israel for once and try to even things up.

I avoid watching things I don't agree with too.

Whenever possible I always turn over to a channel that confirms the opinions I hold are correct.

The Israelis would be happy if the slaughter could go on without the glare of publicity.

There wouldnt have been a slaughter if the Hamas terrorists hadnt slaughtered first on 7th October Sandy.

That's probably true but I think the Israelis were waiting for this opportunity. No mercy shown and none given. If it wasn't for the intervention of the USA, the IDF would flatten Gaza and kill all of it's occupants, no matter who they are.

All started by the Hamas terrorists on 7th October,10CS.All deaths since then can be laid fairly and squarely at the Hamas terrorists door.

Yes of course but I'm sure Israel welcomed this opportunity. No doubt at all in my mind.

Perhaps,but the Hamas terrorists shouldnt have given the Israelis the excuse,10CS.

Hamas regularly targetting Israel with rocket strikes was excuse enough for a a Gaza incursion. Oct 7 was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back.

Hamas should surrender & release the remaining hostages unconditionally - that would end the bloodshed and further suffering. (for the time being)

and - yes the BBC  is milking it

Is Israels excuse plausible when they kill innocent aid workers?

//According to Israel's initial investigation, it was a "grave mistake" that followed "misidentification" in "very complex conditions".

Killed in the air strikes was an Australian team leader, two American-Canadian and Polish relief workers, three British security personnel, and a Palestinian interpreter.//

Oops, soz, doesn't cut it.

When Israel either owns or has access to the world's best when it comes to modern warfare and they still conscript their youngsters to possibly die?

All these people would still be alive(in all probability)if the Hamas terrorists hadnt started this war on 7th October last year Mozz.

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Bbc News Obsessed With Gaza

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