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Interesting, Isn't It?

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jackthehat | 10:51 Mon 15th Apr 2024 | News
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There was so much heat and light generated when it was thought that a murderous Islamist was on a rampage. It's all gone a bit quiet since it has been confirmed that he specifically targeted women and the only man he killed was a hard-working muslim (added irony there, I think).

Misogyny is a growing evil in the world.



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Yes, the usual suspects are notable by their absence.

Would "gobsmacked" be a suitable description of their reaction? 

They might say: Don't keep on about it.  End of


Question Author

I think it is easier for them to point at the 'enemy eithout' rather than acknowledge the 'enemy within'.

Who are the usual suspects? There were posts about it but none of them assumed it was by muslims.

The ROP was mentioned in at least one post.

gone quiet -  I dont think you can take pardners for a dance that is called "I have made a complete prattt of myself as usual" - it is a solo haw haw haw

Gaza hs gone quiet -  are they all dead?

Given the world's appalling experiences over the past twenty-odd years, it's not surprising that Islam is always going to be high on the list of suspects. 

It's getting towards that.  Famine is the weapon of choice now for the Israelis.

Question Author

Of course Islamist attacks are going to be at the fore-front of minds but when it was confirmed that this was not such an attack, it seems to be less important that this was a misogynist attack on women by an 'incel'.

I'd ge grateful if Gaza, etc. could be kept out of this particular discussion. Otherwise I will be forced to conclude that is it another attempt to switch the focus of the story onto something other than an attack by a woman-hating man.

i will think about this every time i see one of those horrible "usual dance" threads

if it wasn't a muslim then we ain't interested 


one swallow does not make a summer

Tora only mentioned dancing. He never mentioned Islam, muslims or TROP at any point...

I'm sure he would have had the murdering scumbag turned out to be have religious reasons for the killings though.

Question Author

I believe that there has just been another 'incident' in Australia. Hopefully, all those injured will recover quickly but I fully anticipate, when posted, that news will generate markedly more interest.

mass killings by "incel" attackers have been on the rise for the last few years and have often mixed in with far right ideology 

as i recall the killer in plymouth was also an incel, though he did not specifically target women with violence like this person did 

i don't know what the solution is. Incels do not have a coherent ideology like other terror groups and cannot really predicted with any precision because so much of it develops in anonymous online spaces... 

Question Author

Murderous Incels are very difficult to predict, but the rise of casual misogyny and the proliferation of woman-hating on-line content is fuelling those fires.

Teenaged boys are being exposed to evermore graphic and violent pornography and they are taking it out on girls....around the world. These are habits that will take years to correct and in the meantime women and girls are becomong victimised and the objects of violence.

Incel? Could any one explain please.Ta.

Involuntary celibates.  Weak, innefectual men who can't get a girlfriend or a one night stand because, in their view, women are only interested in men with power or money. 

Involuntary celebate 

Retro, dictionary definition of incel:

" A member of an online community of young men who consider themselves unable to attract women sexually, typically associated with views that are hostile towards women and men who are sexually active."


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