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Baby Boomers Had It Easy

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fender62 | 00:26 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | News
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rachel reeves many young people are sitting on there backsides doing *** all, ohh my brain hurts.. can't work, they have no idea 0, and this is the best labour have for shadow chancellor..the uk is surely doomed if labour get in.



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What are you on about? Try formulating an actual question we can answer, rather than just ranting about something or other.

Triup's having a Turkish!

Does he not remember the 17% interest rates in the late 70s?

Inflation 24%?

Top rate of tax 97%?

all the benefits of a Labour government.

If Gen Z can't buy a house now, then wait till Labour get in!


Aye, better to continue with the pocket-lining shitehawks we have at the moment, at least we know where we stand.

Top logic.

I didn't have it easy - I did paid work from my early teens, didn't start to earn a half decent wage until my late 20s & only managed to get a mortage in my 30s. 

Doomed whilst currently doomed?! 😄

Maybe he needs to watch Cathy Come Home which reflected the real lives of many 'boomers'.

I don't recall ever having it easy. I do recall being made redundant lots of times but still managing to find work without claiming benefits. I recall the difficulty we had in obtaining a mortgage in the mid-70's. I recall the difficulty of people in the 80's and beyond. I don't what was easy about anything.  

I'm on the cusp of BB + Gen X - I started work when I was 12, never stopped. The later generations seem to have different priorities. They seem to spend their money on feckless things. Just one example, the youmgsters where I work spend at least £10 a day on posh coffee. I get mine from the free machine.

I'm surprised you're not retired tora, the amount of time you spend on AB. Gawd 'elp us, you must have lots of coffee breaks. 😆

It's the type of job we have tomus (I believe TTT does similar to me).  We work a professional day which can sometimes be long (no overtime) and sometimes be short depending on issues/workload at the time.


Subscribe to the DM ? Er, no.


In (almost) anyone's life things could have been easier or harder, but seems to me each generation likes to think they alone have it hard and blame everyone but themselves for not tackling any difficulties and winning through.

I think all generations have problems and most will have groups of people who think the previous generation 'had it easy'.

Whilst some of todays youngsters are like TTT says others are not. My youngest and her hubby are 30 and they have a nice home (mortgaged) and two new cars and go on holiday abroad. Because they worked hard and didnt waste their cash. 

10CS I remember getting a mortgage in 1972. I was a woman (still am), on my own with 4 chidren to support.  My mortgage guy said something like I could be the first woman to get a mortgage in a situation like mine as he had never come across another one like it.

tomus: We don't all do 9 to 5 me old china. My job is largely reactive and we don't sit there waiting for home time. Why don't you analyse the times and the gaps that I post and you'll see I am not as prolific as it first appears.

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Baby Boomers Had It Easy

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