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Trump Trial

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tomus42 | 19:00 Fri 19th Apr 2024 | News
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Apparently someone has just set themself on fire outside the courthouse in protest.

There is real insanity going on in the US at the moment.



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A lot of his supporters are nut-cases, so no surprises there.

When you do not understand a situation, there’s often a tendency to ridicule it.

Trump is looking a bit less orange and his hair is a bit greyer.

Thank you david for the demonstration.

Makes you wonder what it will be like if he's found guilty.

many of his supporters are heavily  armed and violent. he also has many friends in the police force. 

this could get very nasty indeed.

No matter how much Trump pumps up his acolytes he will always be innocent of everything.

the person who immolated themselves appears to have been a conspiracy theorist who threw flyers about NYU being a front for the mob... it is unclear whether or not his motives were political

probably just chose the location cos the press were there & he was sure to get an audience.

it's certainly possible

He was holding up a placard saying "Trump is with Biden and they're about to fascist coup us". Then he set himself on fire. He's since died, so I'll say no more ...

//No matter how much Trump pumps up his acolytes...//


This man doesn't appear to have been one of Trump's acolytes.




Didn't the fat baby say the judge was corrupt, well he should know.


supporter erm, more like a loony who wanted his 15 minutes of fame...very painful one time only..moron

Thank you for your misunderstanding, fender ...

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Trump Trial

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