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My Kind Of Battle Cruiser.....

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ToraToraTora | 13:18 Sat 20th Apr 2024 | News
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why do people get so upset because the odd pub doesn't want their little darlings running about screaming?



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Yup, and if we can just get folk to say 'blackboard' again I'll be content.

I thought this was going to be about the war in Ukraine or the situation in the Middle East.  I really wish you would stick to speaking English like a grown up. TTT.

Dogs too please 

Except guide dogs, he added hastily 

The landlord can do as he pleases.

When I was a kid, children had to stay outside the pub with a lemonade and a packet of Smith's crisps!

By the way Douglas, that sign is called an 'A Board'.

Question Author

have a day off naomi, I never thought you'd be one to  pretend to not understand.

It seems a reasonable sign ... advertising and information in four words.

Well, thank heavens I didn't mention black holes.

My comment referenced 'chalkboard' in the article. If we can have 'formerly Twitter' after every use of X we can surely have 'formerly blackboard' when going all round the house of invented offence.

Thanks for listening. x

TTT, better you have a day off from talking nonsense.  No pretence.  I didn't understand that heading.  It's just rubbish.

There are three "child free" pubs within striking distance (i.e no more than a tenner in a cab) from me. All are absolutely packed every Saturday and Sunday night and most  evenings in the week they are well frequented. Why? Because, as Tora and the landlord of the Lower Red Lion suggest, the customers want an evening free of children tearing about the place. 

One reaction he has seen is an interesting reflection of our times:

"Another wrote: "Why has it become socially acceptable to literally hate children?"."

So the guv'nor of an establishment who has simply decided that a child free atmosphere is what he and most of his customers might prefer on their nights out has suddenly turned into a person who hates children. Whoever wrote this utter nonsense should consider that it is not children which the landlord and his customers hate. If they hate anybody (which is doubtful) it is more likely to be their parents or carers who believe their charges can behave as they like in a place where others may not appreciate it. 

I know a number of customers in one of the three pubs (which I use quite a lot) and some of them have young children. However, they prefer, when they have a night out without their children, to enjoy a child free atmosphere. It has nothing to do with disliking or hating children.


I don't mind children or dogs in pubs.  I like family friendly pubs.  My parents didn't go to pubs but I always wished I could do what I saw some kids doing - sitting on a pub doorstep with a bottle of lemonade and a packet of crisps.  I didn't realise I was the lucky one.

"No pretence.  I didn't understand that heading.  It's just rubbish."

Battle cruiser = boozer = pub, naomi.   😂

I'm sure his pitch and dinners at Captain think TORATORATORA's a right bobble!

I get that now, NJ ... but having been born and bred in Cockneyland, I can honestly say I've never heard anyone say it - not even the few who ever used Cockney rhyming slang.  I blame Chas & Dave.  🤣

Battle cruiser = boozer = pub, naomi. 

foo danga lang den = more crappy rhyming slang.

in your childhood it was unllawful to have children in the drinking area ( bar)  they were allowed outside. God knows what the law is now - allowed everywhere so long as they arent having sex as far as I can work out

Children at a pub is a different pub. No bad swearing, no "boisterousness", a bit more "civilised" ... it's fair to say "No children", just like it's fair to say "Children" for different pubs. No blacks, no Irish - that's not reasonable - no dogs, no children - that is reasonable in a pub.

Poor old TTT, he's  never been the same since I once said it stood for Tyrannical Tory Troll.

Not all Rub a Dubs are suitable for kids. The law, and guidance, as it stands state  ...
""In the UK, pubs and other licensed premises must follow the conditions set under their individual premises licence. The premises licence may include any or all of the following:
a. Restrictions on the hours when children may be present.
b. Restrictions on the parts of the premises to which children under a certain age may have access, such as prohibiting children from the bar area.
c. Restrictions or exclusions on the presence of children under a certain age when particular activities are taking place.
Generally speaking, children may be allowed to enter a pub, or other licensed premises, unless there is a specific licence condition that states children are not to be permitted. However, licensees typically operate their own policy on children to help manage risk and avoid penalties for breaching their licence.""

I used to be children, I have raised children, I was the older brother to children, I have relatives who are children. When I am out for a pint and a natter with the grown ups I would prefer not to have children in close proximity. There are countless places that cater exclusively for children, indeed if I turned up expecting entry I would likely be advised that I was not to be allowed in. Can't be too carefull sir etc. etc. I fully support that fact of sensible life. Why would the parents of children bypass the thousands of venues that are desperate for their patronage and want fervantly to take them somewhere where they are obviously misplaced? It is perhaps the nuisance value that motivates, them or the desire to prove to an awe inspired audiance what wonderfully progressive parents they are. Raise a glass to Landlord David Worcester! 🍻


Another thing   ...   since when was the decision to have children meant to inconvenience everybody else but the parents? It is just the emotionally needy weaponising their kids to get their own way. 

I don't like kids in pubs - never have. The pub is one of last bastions of adultdom (I'm sure that's not a word, but you get the point) and I like to spend my time in pubs with adults. Too many times I've been in pubs where the kids are misbehaving and their parents indulgently smile at them and seem to expect others to do the same. What some parents don't seem to understand is that (deep breath) I don't give a *** about other people's kids, other than wishing they weren't there.


I can remember a few years ago being in a pub with some mates, about 9pm (ish) and a friend told a joke and the punchline had the F word in it. The joke wouldn't have worked without the F word. And he was scolded by a woman because "children are present". Well they bloody well should not have been present.


I don't mind in child-friendly pubs, say a Toby Carvey, which I choose not to go to because of kids, but proper boozers should be adults only.


I never took my kids to pubs.

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