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Robin Hoods Steal From Supermarkets To Give To Foodbanks

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mushroom25 | 15:16 Sat 20th Apr 2024 | News
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does alleged profiteering by big business justify liberating essentials for the deprived? Everybody Eats, the organisation responsible advertise their activity openly on social media so are clarly not worried about the authorities doing anything. 



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No it doesn't.


Your Twitter link doesn't seem to be working.

Marks have always had a good reputation for passing on food near its sell by date onto local charities so this just appears to be profiteering

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// Your Twitter link doesn't seem to be working. //

in the search engine address bar, delete all the characters after the "6". this frequently happens to links I post because AB converts them to hard text, for some reason.

steal so food prices go up for everyone else, if they cared they would go out and get jobs, and donate..nah can't do that though, ***..

Ah, someone else getting the additional semi-colon on their links - so glad it's not just me.

Canary42 , colons are pretty according to my me it looked like a science fiction star trek hallway...nurse more gas.

damn savages....

They're robbin' hoods, nothing more.

erm only in Islamic law - necessity is a defence to theft.

I only put that in to vex TTT

If this is considered acceptable, then stealing money and giving it away to the needy must be considered acceptable.

Thieving is thieving.  Sorry to be so simplistic.  There is always some sort of justification e.g. 'M'lud, my baby was starving'.  It's still stealing, although there may be mitigating factors.

It is worrying that the authorities are not considered to be any form of deterrent.

Perlease, there are no "deprived" in this country. When they have to walk barefoot for 15 miles for a cup of stagnant water then they can say they are deprived!

The supermarkets give their food that has reached its sell by date to food banks anyway.

What a load of virtue signalling tripe. Theft is theft, end of.

nick the smug little tea leaves.

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Robin Hoods Steal From Supermarkets To Give To Foodbanks

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