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Talk About Bite The Hand That Feeds....

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ToraToraTora | 09:21 Sun 21st Apr 2024 | News
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Ok I get it I get fed up with the grockles in my home town but they do bring a lot of dosh with them to spend!



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The same in Cornwall - the incomers / grockles bring in  summer money and get kicked around by their hosts

they dont mind selling their houses at a great premium BUT then complain their children can't buy.

sayla vee I think - is parlee-voo rhyming slang ?

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How many more grockles could your region cope with TTT?

They say their island are dying because of tourists?

if it wasn't for tourists the islands would be populated by peasants scratching a living and their children leaving home to go and work in the tourist industry on mainland Spain.

Is there a limit?

The grockles are probably very happy to leave after a week of trying to understand what you're saying.

It's not a message against [tourists], but against a tourism model that doesn't benefit [the locals].

ie corporate business pillaging local assets and resources, not balancing the needs of tourists, locals and corporations.

I live in an area of outstanding natural beauty and pubs restaurants and shops welcome the influx of holiday makers. Luckily the winters are cold and no one comes so it's quiet from November to March. 

Grockles? What's all this mockney BS then? Aspiration?

The balance is wrong, that's their complaint. Cornwall and Dorset have their problems, but they are not beset by corporations taking revenue and other resources out of the local area to the same extent as the Canary Islands ...  otherwise they'd be complaining too.

Lucky you AP.  Your area is stunning wish I lived there myself.

So if the holiday makers tripled, or quadrupled in numbers and stayed year round you'd still be happy Aunty?

After all, your little shops, pubs, cafe's etc owners could become very wealthy at the cost of your beloved lifestyle whilst all the children stayed and became slaves to tourism.

What a wonderful life for all.

Like everybody they just want a sensible balance between barren, windblown furnace and concrete jungle allowing locals to be able to afford to live alongside visitors.

A lot of the hotels are owned by non-Spanish companies and employ non-Spanish staff.  Many of the self-catering appartments are owned by British, German, Belgian and Dutch people and the holiday makers drink and eat in British, German, Belgian and Dutch bars and cafes. They meet ex-pat residents who offer to take them to the airport at a cut price and pretend they are friends/relatives at the drop off in front of the cameras.  Ex-pats open shops that sell British 'essentials'.  The black market is strong.  I understand the locals frustrations.

Barcelona and Venice are two more locations where the locals are tired of tourists.

Properties that young people might once have rented are now air b&bs and out of their reach.

I can't see any easy solution.

I once had a weeks holiday in Cornwall, so, along with lots of others, I am a true grockle. But never again folks! We had a week in St Keverne. My daughter had been invited to play in the local band during a festival that they hold every year in August called The Ox Roast. I found the locals very frosty and not very welcoming but my daughter enjoyed it, which was the main thing. But we aint been back and never will!

That's odd, 10C, we've had lots of holidays in Devon and Cornwall and never had a problem with the locals.  Can't say we've experienced that on any holiday.

Ladybird how do you know where I live? Bit weird that considering I've never said.

Scottish Highlands would be my guess. Could be totally wrong...

I live in Torbay.  A friend who was born here said to me "we depend on the holiday makers, so for six weeks we let them have our towns and beaches, then around the middle of September until July, we have it to ourselves." And it is true.  I quite enjoy seeing families enjoying themselves on holiday here. 


Clearly their gripe is with their authorities, and provided it is directed towards them and not towards the innocent tourists, then fine.


It's when a group inappropriately causes issues to those who aren't part of the problem that authorities need to act. (Cue police standing by allowing questionable behaviour while protesters cause a regular (daily ?) nuisance about something happening in a different nation miles away.)


Proresting in the streets of a resort seems likely to affect the tourists though, they need to take it to outside the relevant government office and hand their petition in.


It's fair enough to decide to limit something you offer to manageable proportions.

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Talk About Bite The Hand That Feeds....

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