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Oh bless him!! 

...then he nicked someones fish and chips!

I bet the runners up felt they had been gulled.

> Cooper took his lucky mascot with him - a small model seagull which he calls Stephen and his spells with a "ph", but his parents call Steven Seagull, like the actor Steven Seagal.

Love the detail ...

What a lovely little story.


And congratulations Cooper, well done.



"his parents call Steven Seagull, like the actor Steven Seagal."

Oh dear: not much of a role model: Bobby Seagull would have been better, AND it's the right spelling ๐Ÿคจ

I hope he wasn't the one trying to make passionate approaches to the seagull on the corridor roof between the main house and 'wings' of my Mater's home at lunchtime on her 90th birthday to day - really offputting for the elderly residents, it was, though and my mother just had another slug of her Harvey's Bristol Cream....

It's great that there's a gull screeching competition.

I wonder how it started and how many competed in the first one.

Question Author

Thanks for the posts.

There's a bit more info on the official website:

(I see that the adult winner was from Portugal, with the runner-up from the Netherlands, so it's definitely an international event).

 His impression is amazingly good.

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