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Still Not Looking Good.

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gulliver1 | 09:25 Sat 18th May 2024 | News
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A new Bombshell poll shows Tories on course for the Worst General Election results ever.Rishi Sunak faces leading the Cons into Oblivion by losing as many of three -quarters of their seats.This poll conducted by Whitestone Insight shows Labour on 44% ot the vote with the Tories trailing at 24% .



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Is it being so cheerful that keeps you going?

bloomin' Polls


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A seat predictor run by Electoral Calculus suggests these vote shares would mean Labour picking up 469 seats giving Keir Starmer a 288 seat majority.The Tories would lose 263 of the 365 seats they won in 2019,leaving them with just 102.This would be an even more seismic result than Tony Blair's Historic Landslide Victory in 1997 when he secured a 179 seat majority ....WOW.

For the first time ever, I really couldn't care less who wins the GE.


Labour and Tory are the same steaming heaps of siht, they're just in slightly different piles. 

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Khandro @ 09.26 Not so much cheerful more like.. Ecstatic.

I think by the autumn it will be a lot closer than is being suggested now

Hi Gullz - can you be a little less gloat- y about all this?

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PP 17,34 ...NO !

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Still Not Looking Good.

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