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So The President & Foreign Minister Of Iran Have Popped Their Clogs....

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DTCwordfan | 18:29 Sun 19th May 2024 | News
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in an apparent helicopter accident coming back from the NW of the country after soem dam opening with the Azerbajanis....

Impact on Iran's politics as to the Ayatollah Khomeini in particular?

Israel? Given the recent drone attack - concern?

Their nuclear programme and militarisation as to Drones?

Russian support?



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Still searching aren't they ?

DTC; Link?

Question Author

Channel 4 News......

Not confirmed but ...

Only thing that's certain is they'll blame Israel 🙄

Question Author

the assumption is that it is fatal and the Tehran mosques are full of folk wailing. Israel has not been accused - they will be if they were able to generate the thick fog - two accompanying choppers made their way through though....

People also celebrating 

it is all over the news for chrissakes

to what extent does one man control policy in Iran? Good q

I dont think Iranian support of Russia will change. Women? perhaps the special patrols will wind down. Nuclear will continue . Enmity of Israel will continue

This is one of the ( elected) offices where the council of religious and wise elders have a say about candidacy innit ( they say who can and cant stand for election = right kind of fella).

also the deputy may have a right to step up ( like President of the greated democracy on earth the USA)

The president isn't  the real comnendet in chief 


Hard landing - the beeb are making  an awful mess of this. Inverted commas etc. There are a few pilots on this site. If a helicopter loses all power but  the rotors are not seized then as the helicopter falls vertically or " crashes" the rotors autorotate and break the very hard landing ( - hard landing)

I am not sure if this happened in the police chopper that crashed onto the roof of the glasgow pub - on a freebie. No ayatollahs were injured in that one.

I am not sure if you can survive a hard landing

Occurs as a side line in the film 'And justice for all'. 1979 A judge yes a judge does the modern equiv of racing a train that excitement seeking "resistants" used to do 1945-50. Until they all died

He flies a helicopter too far for its tank of fuel. He finally runs out of fuel at the corner of an airfield and autorotates a hard landing. They try to remove him as that is not a thing judges should  do.

Film is post vietnam note. very deerhunter

Question Author

that was filmed in Thailand when it came to the war scenes

Alluah Akbar!


Let us hope the *** is dead

 that  is afoo-polypse now innit?

 friend  said " the Quiet American" about the US screwing  up French presence in Vietnam - Graham Greene - stars Michael Caine

why they speak Thai, it is set in French Vietnam. o god the mods will be after me.....

o god  deerhunter sozza - as it is AB I thought someone was serious  about a court  drama in the Great land of the Free was filmed in Thailand. A critic  said it  is the  only film ( Justice for all) where de Niro plays a normal person ( and everyone else is crazy) for a change

time for bed

allahu  -  allahu - chrissakes the 'u' is a norminative ending (marfu3) but dont  go there for chrissakes.


Khomeini is long dead; I saw his tomb decades ago. Khamenei's your man now.

BBC Russian announces the death of Raissi. 
Oh dear 

there is no way this was an accident lol

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So The President & Foreign Minister Of Iran Have Popped Their Clogs....

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