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You've Gotta Admire The Creativity Of Our Caledonian Friends......

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ToraToraTora | 11:36 Wed 22nd May 2024 | News
29 Answers to get a £100k grant for a knocking shop! 10/10 for hoodwinking TROB.



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How is making a film with real sex scenes a 'knocking shop'? 

Question Author

they got paid 100k to have sex. Who gets paid for sex? take your time! 😁

I read it as 'live' rather than a film.  

How on earth is it a brothel?

I wonder if these are the same people who get their knickers in a knot over using the wrong pronoun?  

Porn stars get paid for having sex. Doesn't turn a film set or theatre in to a brothel

I read it as a film "Filming in an unnamed location in the Scottish Highlands was scheduled to begin on 24 May."

You're right, Barry.

So most of the threads are TTT bashing rather than the topic.

Says it all about AB doesnt it.

Probably the best value for money project they have ever done TTT.

At least some people will like it and it saves on the subscription to the XXX chanel.

I wonder if its direcgted by Ben Dover?

S what is your opninion of Creative Scotland giving a grant to a company so they can make a film featuring live sex, young?

Pales into insignificance compared with what Michelle Mone was handed by Westminster, and for what?

Question Author

I think we have a hyperbole bypass situation here.

what would mary whitehouse say, disgusting wiht bloomers in a twist, lobby the government with protests, all rather odd as comedians get cancelled for jokes, this takes it to another level. how anyone beside peepers would want to go and watch the erm act is beyond me, but it's art in it.

Northumberland and Cumbria narrowly missed out as venues with Shaggerston Castle and Cockermouth falling at the final hurdle.

you couldn't make it up

Not that far removed from Ms Emins crackable bedsheets of yore.

got me thinking of the 1970's emmanuelle films in old run down cinemas, anyone remember them, few have been turned into wetherspoon pubs..

why shouldn't sex be part of art? i don't see the problem

^^^^ of course you don't - you always take a contrary view 🙄

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You've Gotta Admire The Creativity Of Our Caledonian Friends......

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