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ToraToraTora | 11:10 Thu 23rd May 2024 | News
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What party hold it now? Is that likely to change? How are you going to vote?

Mine is one of the safest Tory seats, unlikely to change hands, I'll vote Tory.



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Here in the Southwest, we're mostly rural. Traditionally swinging between Tory and LibDem. The only exceptions are the cities... Plymouth Sutton and Exeter who always seem to be Labour.

Just up the road from me is 'Tractor' Parish's old seat (Tory). That swung back to the LibDems after he was caught viewing images of naked John Deeres on his phone.

My MP is Mel Stride. It would take an earthquake to elect a Labour candidate here. I'll probably vote for him, or maybe the LibDems. Not that it would make any difference.  😋

on 4th July, the electorate in each constituency will vote for the candidate most likely to represent their interests in parliament. but just wondering how much will this time be influenced by matters which don't directly affect the day-to-day lives of the voters. Foreign policy, for instance......

wiltsman - my main reason for not voting is the unfairness of the present system. I can't see it changing in my lifetime so I will never vote again.

Every vote is taken into consideration. Doesn't mean you have to have chosen the preferred option.

There ain't any safe Tory seats in the UK since Boris and Brexit reared their Ugly heads. Suck it up.

Sandy i wonder if the Donaldson affair will taint the DUP. They're probably lucky the whole grisly details will only come out well after the election.

Meanwhile here: Conservative. Won't change. I'll vote Labour tho they came third last time. 
Next door, which is a great yards down the road, is more interesting : almost certainly will go Lib Dem 

Alliance might take Donaldson's Lagan Valley seat.

Last time the DUP faced a sex scandal it cost them Robinson's seat in East Belfast.

We can only hope to see something similar this time.


One of the Glasgow constituencies. Currently SNP, 9000 majority last time over Labour. Expect it could be much closer this time

Ours went Tory in 2019 with a tiny majority of 663. The first time it had been Tory for 50 years, obviously because of Brexit. It will disappear at the next election and be split into two, Heywood and Manchester Blackley. Previously it had been one, called Heywood and Middleton. TBH, I'm not sure which one we will be in as we're right on the border. 

"...on 4th July, the electorate in each constituency will vote for the candidate most likely to represent their interests in parliament"

I won't.

I shall be voting against the party I'd least like to see form a government (Labour) and for a party most likely to win the seat apart from them (Conservatives).

There is no candidate or party currently jockeying for my vote who will represent my interests in Parliament. So I will have to do what I've done on many of the occasions I've voted - try my best to keep Labour out of power. I've lived under Labour governments. Been there, done that, and couldn't afford a T-shirt at the end of it. 

I fear I may be out of luck this time. I don't blame anybody for voting against the current so-called Conservatives. But they need to be careful what they wish for.

True NJ, but sometimes it needs short term pain for long term gain.

Plus the idealistic youngsters need to experience a lbour Government so they can learn the error of their ways (Those that work anyway) and many will be in for a nasty shock.

we are conservative here.  I don't know if it's likely to change - our MP has recently said a few odd things about women

So has SKS!

 Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Keep on keeping on. One day things might be day.

My constituency boundary has changed. I'm now in a staunch Tory area, whereas my previous one has had a Lib Dem MP, after the expenses scandal. I'm a bit annoyed about the change. No chance of getting the Con out here, but I will vote anyway. In memory of my granny. 

another constituency (Bexhill & Battle) that won't have the opportunity to vote out their present incumbent....

A combined system of larger constituencies, with the rest taken from party lists in proportion to votes cast nationally... This may mean we get our first MRLP mp but so be it! 

My constituency is firmly SNP and is likely to stay that way.

Mine's a safe Tory seat. There isn't much point me voting but I always do.

We've seen supposedly safe seats overturned lately, so we'll see what happens. I'm expecting Reform to have an impact on one side, and the Greens on the other.

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