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Israel Threatens "Severe Consequences"

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Untitled | 14:49 Thu 23rd May 2024 | News
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for those countries who have today pledged to recognise the state of palestine, as the vast majority of countries do

what "consequences" do they mean? 



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ROI will be welcoming thousands of refugees from Palestine then...maybe not...they arent welcoming refugees from the boat people who are flooding ROI from the UK.

It is a good move in the right direction.

I don't know what the solution to the problem is. 

Israel wants to eradicate hamas (everybody agrees that has to happen) but not this way.

There is no hope of lasting peace if they don't compromise.  There is so much hatred from each side.

The civilians in Israel dont all back their government.  I hope that the government listens to the people.




A strongly worded letter?

Question Author

why should israel oppose recognition of palestine if their only objective is to rescue the hostages and eliminate terrorism? 

the vast majority of countries in the world recognise the state of palestine. it is only israel and a small group of wealthy countries controlled by the USA who do not. 

This is just stuff coming to a head years after the unpleasantness over the seafood buffet and yon kipper.

I think your own link answers your question.

"controlled by the USA"...conspiracy theorist much Untitled?

Since a two state solution has, as I understand it, been proposed and rejected before, what is this state they claim to recognise ? It doesn't seem to be agreed so it seems pointless recognising it.

Dont we have enough failed states in the world already,Untitled,without including more failed states such as Palestine.Jesus wept.

obviously grossly and disgustingly anti-semitic, I wonder that no one has trumpeted that

The two party state (which Israel once agreed to, but the Arabs didn't) has been described now as would like sticking Harold Shipman and Fred West together to live in a caravan.

Question Author

is israel Shipman or West in your analogy khandro?

no the metaphor  should be Fred West and Florence Nightingale in a caravan.....

unttitled you naughty boy

Miss will come along with the  "un-mimsy educator" - nail studded chair leg

Question Author

it didn't work before pp so i'm not too worried. 

good luck to you I say

Deaths vastly overestimated in Gaza - 32 000 is really 27 000. Only 27 well that is OK then. and by golly they have been working hard to re-break the 30 000 barrier

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Israel Threatens "Severe Consequences"

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