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What is this world coming to?

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welshfox | 19:23 Thu 16th Nov 2006 | News
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I have to write this to see if I'm the only person absolutely appalled and scared by what I just saw on the news. I've just heard about the mother and father who died in their house by the father of a child who had fallen out with their child. I can't believe it.

I'm sure we all argued with other kids in the school yard when we were younger and fair enough. But did we ever go home and tell out parents, and then go on a shopping trip to tesco for our Dad to buy a petrol can and petrol, and then pour it through the letterbox of the home of the person you didnt like? And then set it on fire? I honestly can't believe it.
And to make it worse, 'Dad' was charged with manslaughter and arson - surely this was murder? You dont imagine setting fire to a house with 3 people inside without wanting them dead?

This is so scary. Is there anyway I can start to rekindle my faith in the human race or is this the end of civilisation? Is anybody else scared by this or am I worrying over something that should just be accepted as part of the norm these days? please tell me its not the latter x


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I think it's tragic but it's not a new phenomena at all, just perhaps more widespread now. Some areas have always had immense violence problems. Things are also more likely to make the national news now, thus highlighting it better. I think it's terrible, awful and every other negative emotion, but I don't think people are any worse now than they ever were, and in a lot of cases they are a lot better.
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Im just very cynical as It's all I ever seem to hear. All thats been on the news the past few wekks is death and murder. If its not parents murdering their children, It's people being killed for just doing their jobs. I guess I'm just sad as I remember a time when to hear of a murder was a shock - I think its sad that its just accepted these days as one of those things. It wasn't that long ago either.
The thing that worries me is that the more bad news is pumped into our homes by tv, newspapers etc.the more we will probly become desensitised to it all.I think at the mo, hopefully most people would be shocked and horrified by stories like this one.But it does make me wonder how much more voilent crimes will become and how we will react to them.
and no doubt the judge will ramble on about what a terrible crime blah blah blah and then hand out some as usual paltry sentence
The media have a lot to answer for!

This kind of thing did go on but the papers didn't pick it up. Same as sweeping child abuse and paedophilia under the carpet.

Now they report every single thing, small or large, now people are going around thinking the human race have gone mad.....They haven't.....They just read too much
Or watch too much TV!
I have felt at times, "What in the hell is this world coming too". I got kind down about it and reasoned that I can only be responsible for my children, family etc.
Part of having progress is having "up to the date news". It can be crappy, and scary and yes there are some crazy people around.
I am now somewhat selective in what I watch on TV or what newspapers I read. I just don�t want or need the full blown version. I can't change stuff. All I can do in my day to day existence is to do my best to make a difference. (Respect, Courtesy etc).
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Thanks for your comments. I've also tried to be selective in what I allow myself to watch and read, but sometimes its inevitable that I'll hear about things like this, and other horrible tragedies. Due to the line of work I'm in, I get to see the worst side of society most of the time, so I think that's why I think it'd find it nice to be able to switch from it when I get home. It just seems like everyone is going mental as it seems impossible to avoid it.
Thanks for your views - I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds things like this shocking. Lets just keep our fingers crossed that we dont all become de-senstised to it, or we'll end up with no justice system, not that ours is worth much tho!
What happened to the maxim "innocent until proven guilty"??
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in what context do you mean?
I mean that you seem to have already assumed that the people charged are guilty when the court case is still ongoing , as far as I'm aware anyway
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Im just going on what I see, and these days, due to the crammed situation in prisons, Judges seem to give a slap on a wrist or something equally as insulting to the victims of the crime.
I can speak from personal experience as I was really badly beaten up by a drug addict who was trying to kill his girlfriend, and took it out on me when I intervened. What did he get? 12 months on a rehab course and community service for assaulting his girlfriend. Because he 'bargained' outside of court and said he'd admit to what he did to his girlfriend, he got no punishment for what he did to me, eventhough I've lost everything Ive worked all my life for because of an a*sehole like him. and the cherry on the cake is that his girlfriend and him are still together!

I am not judging everyone before they are found innocent or guilty, I just think that our judicial system has a lot to answer for. Due to being de sensitsed, sentences arent as they should be - like 18 months for a drink driver without a licence who killed a woman?

I just think judges need more discretion when it comes to sentencing so that perhaps we might be able to distill a bit of discipline back into society because at the moment, there is no deterrant for criminals to stop committing crimes.
In my area, they enjoy going to prison because all their mates are there and they're guaranteed to score drugs there - thats no deterrant in my eyes. I just fear that things are only going to get worse and that nothing will be sacred anymore.

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