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Doreen Lawrence

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anotheoldgit | 12:38 Sat 21st Feb 2009 | News
5 Answers /Lawrence-Police-fail-black-Britons n-lawrence-police-racism

The mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence has said police are still failing the families of black murder victims,

Doreen Lawrence accused the police of giving black Britons a second-rate service

"Some mothers say they don't feel as if they've been treated in the same way [as white victims' families].

Above are 3 quotes from The Guardian.

On what grounds can she prove that black people are treated any different by the police than anyone else?

There would be an outcry if any report was to say '"Some mothers say they don't feel as if they've been treated in the same way [as black victims' families].

I think that this woman is just stirring things up amongst the black communities, and her criticisms verge on racism.

Regarding the police giving black Briton's a second-rate service.
I would think that judging by the amount of Black on Black crime especially in London, the police must be stretched to capacity to give a first-class service.


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The murder of Stephen Lawrence has probably been one of the most high profile murder cases over the last 20 years - because he's black and his murder was racially motivated.

The police fail alot of families in many murder cases. Not many families get the option of a public enquiry and such detailed probing into the police forces failures in the handling of the case.
>police are still failing the families of black murder victims,

It could also be argued that many in the black community are failing in the way they behave in the country that gave them a "home".

Drug dealing, yardie gangsters, black on black crime, gun crime, stabbings, the list goes on.

After all, black on black crime is so bad the police had to set up a special department just to handle it, Operation Trident.

Respect needs to be earned, you dont just get it automatically.
She doesn`t represent black Britons, she`s just got a major grudge against the police for not nailing her sons killers
Understandably so.....

As any mother would regardless of colour.
This is not the end for the other murderers..

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Doreen Lawrence

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