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If the UK was able to reintroduce the death penalty, should it?

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AB Editor | 16:44 Fri 18th Dec 2009 | News
31 Answers
With focus on certain in-balances in the sentencing system of the UK coming to light, and many claiming the current sentences for serious crime is lacking, should the UK government (if it was able) reintroduce the death penalty in Britain?

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  • No, but life should mean life. - 49 votes
  • 46%
  • Yes. - 46 votes
  • 43%
  • No, the current sentencing system is adequate. - 11 votes
  • 10%

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the death penalty (state sponsored revenge) should never be reintroduced, although i feel that imprisonment should be less comfortable and more of a punishment than it appears to be. capital punihment is not a deterrant to the likes of the deranged like peter tobin and peter sutcliffe. and the comfy prison image is not a deterrant to wayward youths who might choose a different path were it not.
I was under the impression that they removed the death penalty on the meaning that a life sentence would mean just that.

(It was before my time y'know)
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would it ? do you have any evidence to prove that this provides a favour to the family ?
ok peter tobin is toipical one, what about all these people who would likely receive the same fate ?
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Did you mean imbalances?
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someone said "Capital punishment turns the state into a murderer. But imprisonment turns the state into a gay dungeon-master"

but im in favour of the death penalty if its 100% proven that the person is guilty..i:e ian huntley, fred west, peter sutcliffe.

If you're going to demand 100% proof, you'll need to demand it before anyone can be convicted. That would certainly empty the jails. Capital punishment was abolished not just because people didn't like it but because innocent people were being executed. Even Americans - even Texans! - are starting to feel the same way.

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Why do people always go on about capital punishment not being a deterrent? Prison is obviously not a deterrent either,should we stop locking people up for their crimes as well?
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so fred west, peter sutcliffe and ian huntley are innocent are they, these are serial killers, not just a one kill murderer who should serve life, yes there are cases that have came to light thanks to forensics but also cases that have been proven thanks to forensics, most killers in america spend a long time on death row before execution giving lawyers time to explore all avenues and try and overturn the conviction so this should be the case here, a long time awaiting execution whilst experts,lawyers and witnessess go overe and over the evidence.

this also may stop the knfe/gang culture we have at the moment, no more kids going to jail thinking its some kind of holiday camp and becoming some kind of celebrity amongst their friends, it just may make them think twice before carrying a gun or knife.

Life should mean life and harsh one at that, bare basics in the cell and hard labour.

The death penalty doesn't work and didn't when it was in place, seriously the kind of people who would be up for the hanging/chop/lethal injection do not believe that they will ever get caught so why would they worry about the death penalty.
As being pixels on the screens anyone can say whatever he/she wants to even if in real life they wouldn't. In real life I have asked this question to so many and still could not find a single person who said otherwise.

"What should be the punishment for someone who rapes your daughter, mother, sister, wife or someone else of your loved ones and then kills her" 100% people have said so far that he should be killed. However when it happens to others then their answer changes. Double standards.

Capital punishment is not proving a deterrent as by killing a criminal behind closed door where no one knows what happened, would never deter others. Peter Tobin or whoever, once proved guilty should be given death sentence and should be killed in public in the area where he committed crimes and then see if it works or not.

I know many would say it is barbaric, stone age, etc. So until you agree keep on doing what you are and keep on watching, I am watching too.
For EKnewsDS...

"But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea."

These are Jesus' words in Matthew 18.6. Sounds pretty capital to me!
But we used to hang up executed murderers in the streets till their corpses rotted but it didn't stop people from murdering.

Keyplus if you put that question to me I'd want them to suffer every last day of their life and for as long as possible, just bumping them off is the easy route for them.
newsdesk, I don't have any actual murderers around the house, at least not properly convicted, but I shall attach all the angels on my Christmas tree via a little tinsel string around their necks.
The advent of modern forensic techniques have ensured certainty in many complex cases that have rested on such eveidence.
As a result, the likes of Ian Huntley and Roy Whiting ought to receive the death penalty. We now live in a world where governmental departments are asked to make cutbacks in services in order to maintain budgets etc.
Such inmates as those I've mentioned can never be released back into society and nor should they, so why allow them to live at the taxpayers expense? How much does it cost to keep these people alive in secure units with three meals a day and a roof over their heads while patients on NHS treatment can't receive the drug they require as a result of financial restraint?
The problem is - We make mistakes ! If you say Capital Punishment only when you are certain,do you mean to condemn people to Life impisonment if you are Not certain ?

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If the UK was able to reintroduce the death penalty, should it?

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