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Will Tony Blair and Gordon Brown tell the truth at the Chilcot enquiry?

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AB Editor | 20:13 Fri 22nd Jan 2010 | News
25 Answers
With both the current and former Prime Ministers intending to give evidence at the Chilcot enquiry, do you think they will be truthful?

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  • Neither will tell the truth. - 41 votes
  • 87%
  • Yes, they will both tell the truth. - 6 votes
  • 13%

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what is a chilcot?
“Do you think they will be truthful?”

Hmm. Difficult one that. They might be (in their own warped little way).

Blair could say that he couldn't care less whether Iraq had WMDs and that he would have sent troops to Iraq anyway because he'd promised Bush that he would. He has admitted as much to the hard-hitting interviewer, Fern Britton (!)

Brown could say that he trusted Blair and assumed that Blair had access to privileged information that he himself was not privy too.

It really doesn't matter what is said at this pantomime. Blair will continue to travel the world using his vast personal wealth garnered whilst being PM and subsequently by virtue of being an ex-PM, while simultaneously being one of the biggest war-mongers of the recent age.

If there was a Nobel prize for being the 'Biggest B*stard Of Your Generation', Blair would surely win it.

How in the hell does Blair sleep at night?
The standard of questioning at the Iraq War Inquiry has been abysmal. Already, many of the people who have come before it have got off very lightly because the people asking the questions have not asked the right questions, and have not asked the right follow up questions to answers given.

Blair is a good salesman, and I imagine he will bamboozle the Inquiry. He will be truthful, but he will arrive with his own points to get across, and he will get them across. He will not need to lie.

Is it coincidence that the Terror Alert has been raised to “severe” the week before Tony Blair's evidence. We need reminding that the Iraq war was part of the War on Terror, and a cranking up of the fear factor will make Blair's reasons for the war more acceptable if we are all told an attack is 'highly likely". We shall see if the alert is lessened after Blair's appearance.
they are politicians, how are they going to tell the truth ?
First they would need to know the meaning of the word truth and secondly what the meaning implies.

How long have they had to prepare their stories ?
they should have been the first to give "evidence"
/// How in the hell does Blair sleep at night? ///

Have a wife that looks like Cheryl.
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I'm with the above posts, I think Blair is the ultimate spinner, he'll do fine. It'll be the media who gives him a hard time.
I'm not sure that Blair and Brown know the truth. Russia and France had a vested interest in not having a war as they had stakes in the oil industry there. Blair with all his posturing was unable to convince either to commit to a second resolution 1441 which would give the green light for war if Saddam was in breach of any perceived threat. Therefore Saddam was persuaded to let the inspectors do their work.

Even Saddams co-operation with the inspectors the US could hold its forces back no longer and Blair rather than choosing the peaceful route hitched his horses to the US military. Hans Blix knows the truth but his version was never accepted either by Britain or much later by the Chilcot enquiry.
They will tell some of the truth, not the whole truth, ie the bits that suit them.
What is truth but we believe to be truth.
Hence it's a daft question.
The accused have so far got off very lightly. They can say all they want without and contradiction. Therefore if we want a balanced enquiry they should be admitted.

Top of the list should be Hans Blix who knew the situation in Iraq just before the war.
Posthumus evidence of Kelly the weapons inspector
Geo Bush aides who must have been aware what was going on with Bush and Blair
Cherie Blair whom he must have confided and she being a lawyer would hardly tell lies

and the Spanish prime minister who made a threesome with Blair and Bush immediately before the war on that remote island where the decision was finally made.
I'm confident the truth will out..........just like the Kelly inquest.
I think Blair will come in wearing sackcloth and daubed with ashes. He'll confess all and beg our forgiveness.
No... that's what he should do. He could also remember all the young service people who are in early graves because of what he's done.
The most horrifying thought is Blair wearing that supercilious weasel grin that he always has when he's lying. I'm not a violent person, but I just get an urge to smack him in the gob.
BTW, how come the only choices are that the BOTH lie or they BOTH tell the truth?
It's like one of those IQ test questions.
I'm with Craft.
He did what he thought was right.

Maybe his only crime is the lack of judgement.

At least he should have the decency to admit it!
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I think Blair will lie, but believe he's telling the truth, Brown will just lie.

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Will Tony Blair and Gordon Brown tell the truth at the Chilcot enquiry?

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