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Shout for England

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Gromit | 12:58 Tue 15th Jun 2010 | News
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A Mr Dylan Kwabena Mills, better known as the rapper Dizzie Rascal, has topped the hit parade with a record called "Shout for England".

A patriotic song from a young man who's parents are of Nigerian and Ghanaian descent. What a splendid example of multiculturalism working in this country, don't you agree?

And all proceeds will be donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital.


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I wonder if Gromit is going to get the bonkers reference?

Fix up, look sharp.
It's a brand new he won't.
Great cause but pants record!
Am i right in thinking Mr Cowell had something to do with it?!
Could be reason i dislike it!
I think its a really catchy song, been in my head all morning
I agree with Sooper, pants

It's Dizzee not Dizzie.

All us AB Gangstas know this. Fact.
nuff respeck blud
It must be incredibly irritating for the dailymailers to see Dizzee 'representing'. I personally love the record (and practically everything young Mr Rascal has done since working with Calvin Harris0...but... still ain't a patch on World In Motion (best England song EVER).

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Shout for England

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