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Oh Dear

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marval | 16:00 Mon 29th Aug 2016 | Jokes
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A hillbilly couple (Zeke and Emmy Lou) got married and had a new
baby every year or so.

After their 13th baby was born, the couple told the doctor that they were going to stop having babies as soon as they figured out what was
causing them.

The doctor suggested to Zeke that he try covering his organ before they made love.

Sure enough, in a short time Emmy Lou was pregnant again, and the doctor asked Zeke if he tried covering his organ like he had suggested they do.

Zeke said, "We don't have an organ, Doc, but we did throw a blanket over the piano."


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That would be an upright?
Question Author
A grand answer Fred
-- answer removed --
Seems like they need to soft-pedal for a while, but maybe that's not their forte.
A key change is needed..
He must stop playing arpeggios on her Wurlitzer!
reminds me of that one where the woman had had 13 kids and called them all Jamie. Someone asked her how she differentiated them when she wanted a specific kid to come to her.....the answer ever so simple, "I just use their father's surname....."
Ivory covers up or she gets her pipes fixed
Ha! Ha! Patsy. It obviously wasn't a fallow pian..O!

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Oh Dear

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