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Two Deaf Frien

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DTCwordfan | 15:32 Thu 30th Nov 2023 | Jokes
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One of my nephews is deaf - hears the bass notes only...he also loves to act the fool/comedian and can turn on the 'stunted' speech at ease. He will have a field day with this - and he lives in Lancashire.


'Two deaf guys stop off in a pub one night on the way home from their lip reading class.

Communicating by using their new lip reading skills one offers to buy the drinks and gives the money to the other who goes to the bar to get them.

At the bar he asks for two pints of lager which the barman puts on the bar and then says “that’ll be £15 please.”

The deaf guy looks shocked and unsure if he had read what he said correctly he replied, “did, did, did you say £15?”

“Yes” replies the barman.

“That’s a lots of m-m-money” he tells him.

“Yes” said the barman, “we’ve got live music tonight so it’s to cover the cost.”

“Oh!” Replies the deaf guy, “w-what sort of music is it? Rock rock n roll?…..Boogie woogie boogie?”

“No” replies the barman, “we’ve got some country and western.”

“Oh!” Replies the deaf guy as he thanks the barman and returns to his friend with the drinks and his change. As his friend takes the money he looks at it and says “£15! That’s a bloody lot of d-dosh.”

“Yes” he tells him, “it’s to pay for the live music tonight.”

“Oh!” His friend says, “live music? what sort is it? Rock n rollroll?…. B-Boogie woogie?”

“No,” the man tells his friend, “apparently they’ve got some *** from Preston!”



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DTcwordfan, just to let you know that the thing I wrote about England captain singing the wrong words to the national anthem at the Rugby World Cup was this years and I have put it on the thread about National Anthems where you said I had got it wrong.

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Two Deaf Frien

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