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Rondy | 12:26 Thu 14th Dec 2023 | Jokes
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A man is being interviewed for a job. “What are your qualifications for the job of night watchman?”
“Well, The slightest noise wakes me up.”


I was driving down a lonely country road one cold winter day when it began to sleet pretty heavily. My windows were getting icy and my wiper blades were badly worn and quickly fell apart under the strain.
Unable to drive any further because of the ice building up on my front window I suddenly had a great idea. I stopped and began to overturn large rocks until I located two very lethargic hibernating rattle snakes. I grabbed them up, straightened them out flat and installed them on my blades and they worked just fine.
What! You've never heard of . . . wind chilled vipers?





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I like a joke, but I think the second one only really works in America.

The first one was funny 😁 


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