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Rondy | 15:27 Wed 14th Feb 2024 | Jokes
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My friend and I work in a lawn-mower-parts warehouse. He had the idea that his wife did not want a card on Valentine’s Day, but when he spoke to her on the phone, he discovered she was expecting one.

Not having time to buy a card on his way home, he was stuck. Then he looked at the lawn-mower trade magazines scattered around the office and got an idea.

Using scissors and glue, he created a card with pictures of mowers, next to which he wrote: “I lawn for you mower and mower each day.”


I have planned out my Valentine's Day:

1) Awaken, and have breakfast in bed.

2) Chocolates for lunch.

3) Watch a romantic movie.

4) Dinner for two at a romantic restaurant.

5) Probably indigestion after eating two dinners.




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