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Chipchopper | 09:19 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Jokes
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A man walks into a bar and shouts, "give me a whiskey and make it a double"!

The barman looks at the guy and says "I think you've had enough don't you, so why don't you just turn yourself around exit through the swinging doors and tootle along home, sleep it off, then come back when you're sober?"

Guy: I'm not drunk, honest!". 

Barman: " Okay, if you can prove to me that you are sober you can have one more drink....right, what's that over by the door?"

Guy, Squints his eyes and says "Sure that's a one eyed cat"

Barman: " Get out of here, that cat was leaving the bar"




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Cat knows when it's had enough.

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