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teacher1 | 12:43 Thu 29th Feb 2024 | Crosswords
15 Answers

Was this easy today?  I managed to complete it in less than an hour ...... a record for me ! :o)



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Same here. Clever theme though. Enjoyed it. 

Yes agreed, very easy. 

Yes, the easiest for a long time. I wondered - later - if there were ambiguities in the three and four letter words. I think I could do a bit of swappping...


Matakari, you'll enjoy this one!

Last clued one to do here.

11ac Singer mirroring resounding soccer win. ?I?N??


Yes = ten nil reversed

Thank you, JJ.


Well. I've done it but my chain of words doesn't really make sense.

Can I just check that 20ac is strine or string

Tilly2, I don't think it can be String as that wouldn't work for the seven-letter word...

You are right NAC. I just thought I'd gone horribly wrong somewhere.


Thanks, Tilly2.  I had Strine - and it meant my seven- and eight-letter words worked ok.

NAC, do your unclueds make a sensible, nine word sentence? 

...when written in order from 3 to 11?

Question Author

They do NOT make a nine word sentence.

Tilly2, no, no sentence - but I wasn't expecting one!

That's ok then. 🙃

It would have been extremely clever to have constructed a sentence in that way.

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