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Sinead_O | 13:56 Mon 30th Oct 2023 | Science
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I was shocked to recently read this statistic-Ninety-five per cent of the ocean is unexplored. 

What’s down there? Why do we, as a race, spend millions on exploring space, yet who knows what is only a few miles away- seven miles at it's deepest?  



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Thar be monsters darn thar.

There's half a chance we could colonise in space, not so much with seven miles worth of water pushing down on the roof.

I know Davy Jones locker is down there.

Indeed Gulliver, but the changing rooms are so damp.

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The word itself derives from the Czech word “robota,” or forced labor, as done by serfs. Its Slavic linguistic root, “rab,” means “slave.” The original word for robots more accurately defines androids, then, in that they were neither metallic nor mechanical.

Jimmy Saville lurks down warned - let sleeping perverts lie.

Don't be so damn rude to somebody who is a new user.  I actually feel the same as Sinead. What lies deep in the ocean could be explored, not with intension of colonising but there could be a lot of things that could help us on this earth.  Space is explored mainly for that reason.


TTT  I really can't believe why your posts remain.  And you criticise Gulliver!  At least he's got some manners.

Lottie 14.23 "Dont be so damn rude" ..Stop pot and kettling..


countrylover, it's landf genius!

Is this to do with yor previous post Sinead?

"your", sorry.  Why do I only ever notice an error after I've posted even though I check it before I send.  OA I suppose.

Ttt, vetting post ??? . Lol

Mods will probably find his answer acceptable.  As he thinks he should be a mod!!

TTT i thought you were against getting rid of questions purely because of who posted them?  you certainly seem to moan enough that dsomeone has something against you when your answers get removed

I am but landf has been banned in about 50 differenent names. Surprised this one was missed.

Question Author

Hi, sorry that one person mind my question moronic- I enjoyed reading the answers and also the humour!  I'm genuinely intrigued- But why couldn't we colonise the ocean floor if we can conolise other oxygen-free environments?   I am trying to help my daughter on some research projects and this is the sort of question that comes up in my mind.  Probably a bit simple for the genius' on here!   Thanks again for your thoughtful responses.

Whoever it is the questions were quite sensible and not  nasty.  

havent you been banned in a few names yourself TTT? :)

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