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smurfchops | 20:10 Thu 20th Oct 2011 | Shopping & Style
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Does anyone use and is there a catch or do they really put money in your bank account ? Is the site safe? I dont really think I want to give my bank details to them ...


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I don't know anything about it, have a look here http://forums.moneysa...owthread.php?t=280218

You could always set up a second account with another bank to have the money paid into, so your main bank account stays safe - if you decide to go for it.
They have always been pretty good for me over quite a few years. Occasionally expected cashback hasn't tracked or has taken many months to arrive but if you are prepared to wait 2-4 months it usually arrives. steady stream of Quidco payments of around £5 a month on average that go into my bank account. It won't make you rich but it comes in handy and there is no catch as far as I'm concerned.
TopCash Back are okay too
For example I did an online Tesco delivery recently. As well as the 1500 clubcard points Tesco gave me for my first online order I'm due to get a £5 cashback from Quidco.
I just got £145 paid into my account from Quidco - it was basically £150 cashback for a mobile phone through vodaphone minus Quidco's charge. I'm happy :)
I use quidco all the time and there's no catch at all. The first £5 a year that you earn goes to Quidco as your membership fee and the rest goes into your bank. I use it when I book holidays, flights, do online shopping and even for some online delivery food orders :)
I use

Same thing really. I buy insurance, shopping, ebay items etc via it
You name it and if it can be bought on the net I search cashback first
Although I'm not a member of Quidco, I know people who are (and have been for a long time) and they seem very happy with it ...

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