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None! They are all awful! They would age you badly 

None of those, sorry.

Number 3, if you want advice on hair styles.

They're all awful IMHO.

And earrings,,

Whichever you like most.  Choose your favourite colour.

Abbeylee should make a choice Naomi???

You'll have to choose yourself, Abbey, as I don't like any of them.  Too frumpy looking.

I quite like the gold one

Frumpy Clover 😅

"All that glitters is not gold"

Thanks, oz! On me it would look frumpy, but a young woman could look fine in it. 

Anything on me looks frumpy Clover, Budgie Smugglers?

Please don't go there,,

Abbey can't win - her clothes are either too revealing or too frumpy for ABers.  

Just close your eyes and pick one, Abbey.  It will end up with food and drink down the front by the end of the day - or does that just happen to me?

I agree with Clover.  Those tops on an older person would look frumpy but could look great on a young girl.  Just pick a colour, abbey.

You pick whichever you think would attract the Santa guy you're always looking for, Abbey. What are you doing for Christmas?

I like number 3 which may look good on a young person


..but they all seem a bit baggy

The short-sleeved 2nd one  ..  maybe?

The red one, with a flashing bow-tie and a paper hat 

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