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A Titanic Buy

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Canary42 | 11:07 Mon 16th Oct 2023 | Hobbies & Interests
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This certainly looks a challenge, but a bit pricey for my attention. 

Summary of link. A 4½ foot model of Titanic in Lego. Only £590. Over 9,000 pieces. Model can be separated to show interior cabins etc.

P.S. I hope this doesn't count as Spam, it's a revealing comment on what's available in the modelling world for the well-heeled. A Christmas present for your favourite "child" perhaps ?



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Personally I think Lego has lost its way. It used to be that a childs imagination built many things out of the standard kits. Now the new kits are just like doing a 3 D jigsaw but complete with instructions, no imagination necessary.

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I agree Vulcan, but perhaps market forces dictated the change. The modern RTR mentality amongst our youth (and not-so-youth).  

Meccano seems to have struck a reasonable compromise at present, with a few specialised items (nevertheless with scope for their use in different applications) amongst the original basics.


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A Titanic Buy

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