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Extinction of the Human Race

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AB Editor | 16:44 Mon 02nd Apr 2012 | Society & Culture
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As with so many big questions, the answer is "it depends". But as things are, the great majority of the human race is due for disaster of one kind or another, sooner or later. The first and probably worst disaster will be repeated famine, the second will be wars over water and possibly oil. Famine will occur because increasingly hot dry climates will support...
20:37 Mon 02nd Apr 2012
We have a very biased view, Humans have been around for very well under 100,000 years. The 'Age of Dinosaurs' which we dismiss in an instant lasted for over 250 Million years, over 2500 times as long .We are but the blink of an eye in the history of Earth, but we have done more damage than all previous inhabitants put together.
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Over population will be the end of the human race. The time will come when the available land to grow food to feed us is less than the area needed to house the population. I think that time is very near.
Eddie, some evidence that humans here at least a million years ago
That won;t be the end though Eddie, billions will starve then we will reach a manageable number again.
Question Author
Not sure why you've bothered commenting on this one then grasscarp? Surely you've got more interesting things to be doing/talking about?

D9 & Eddie, in your version of "the end" wouldn't you think we'd try and do something about it? I'd imagine this would be how a large end-of-civilized-world conflict would begin?
Well I go in the pub and talk about football... and when ~Liverpool lose you'd think it was the end of the world!
How can the human race be over halfway through it's existence? Once it is over, that is the end of it's existence. :-)
Grasscarp, //I have never had a conversation with other females when the topic turned whether or not the human race was halfway through or nearer the end.//

I don’t believe I’ve had that exact conversation with other females either – but I’ve certainly had similar ones. Got to admit, these sorts of discussions intrigue me far more than anything else.

The thought of over-population and millions starving to death until the human race reaches a viable level again is quite horrifying. The stuff of science fiction - or is it?

So what's the solution to that?
Getting the world's major religions to tell (and then convince) their loyal followers that it's okay to use condoms would be a good start.

I think it would also be a good idea to start trying to educate people in this country and in other developed nations that it's simply selfish and unnecessary to have three, four, five, plus kids. Some people churn out kids like there's a world shortage of ankle-biters.
^^ It would certainly be a start - although how to convince them it's a good idea is quite another matter.
When it comes to the crunch, gentle persuasion will not be an option and the Chinese route of compulsion wlil be essential. One child per couple is the only way to bring the population level back from the brink. Two children per couple would merely maintain the population at an unacceptable level. Being in my mid-sixties the population of the planet has more than doubled in my lifetime. How many more lifetimes has the planet got?
I think that the human race will die out and it won't be overpopulation, run out of water, food, but more likely that some nut job will press the nuclear button and away we go. As to survivors, not likely either, and even if there are what type of world will they inhabit. I feel quite depressed now just thinking of it. Then again what does it matter if one is not here to know....
As I said earlier I shouldn't think a nuclear war would manage to kill everyone.

There have been numerous cataustrophic events and life is still here - humans were down to a few thousand individuals 30,000 years ago


What sort of world would they inhabit? Well probaby a tough one - but civilisations would doubtlessly rise again.

I doubt they'd be as technologically sophisticated as us though.

We've used all the metal ore and raw materials in easy reach of the Earth's surface
I voted No... However I may have made a mistake because I can't think of any race on this planet which has ever been fully human and inhumanity still survives throughout the world.

#ChuckFickens. It's only updated every five minutes, numpty. I really wish you would all read and inwardly digest the question before making stupid and idiotic posts as some of you have!
wobblybobbly- play nicely or don't play at all!

Love your username:-)
The human race is a virus and like all viruses once it has destroyed its host,[planet earth] it will die off.//

Interestingly I have for sometime pondered about theories regarding the human spirit or soul & I have reached the conclusion that in fact what we call the soul is in fact a virus which infects human bodies at the time of birth & then when we die the soul ( virus ) leaves the dying body & then infects another live human about to be born. This could explain the so called re-incarnation theory & people who experience having lived before so although the human form may eventually disappear from the earth the soul ( virus ) may live on in another host.

W Ron.
An interesting thought, Ron, but it sounds very science fiction.

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Extinction of the Human Race

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