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Extinction of the Human Race

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AB Editor | 16:44 Mon 02nd Apr 2012 | Society & Culture
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As with so many big questions, the answer is "it depends". But as things are, the great majority of the human race is due for disaster of one kind or another, sooner or later. The first and probably worst disaster will be repeated famine, the second will be wars over water and possibly oil. Famine will occur because increasingly hot dry climates will support...
20:37 Mon 02nd Apr 2012
Too true, NOX. Nobody can see what's round the corner. I know I have been very surprised, sometimes unpleasantly, at what has happened in my life. If you multiply that by billions we have a very precarious future.
Question Author
There's a good sub-question here of "what do you define as the human race?"

For example, if there was a divergence from homo sapiens which wiped out homo sapiens, is that the end of the human race?

Or, what about in the event of a nuclear war where there would be, undoubtedly, "some" survivors scattered across the planet. Does this count as the continuation of the human race? Or do we need that "interconnectedness" of a society or call ourselves human?
And do we include small sapient garden ornaments within the term as well....
what brought this question about, Ed? On what evidence would we believe such a hypothesis?
He's god he should know these things unless he is planning on a second coming once enough of us vote its nearly over anyway
I don't think it will be sudden - we will probably limp along for a very long time, but we cannot last for ever. There is a possibility (very faint) that we might colonise other planets, if we can avoid annihilating ourselves, in which case we could go on much longer, albeit not on this planet.
Given that humanity managed to survive ice ages and numerous other natural calamities I think it would be quite difficult for an entire anihilation.

Diseases are not a good theory with a population the size of humanity many people are immune or not reached by it - I think the Bubonic plague only managed to kill about a third for example.

A large asteroid impact or a nuclear war would similarly have difficulty in killing everyone however I could see such an event resulting in a change of habitat causing us to evolve quite rapidly into something else.

But a combination of events like a disease and major impact might manage it.
Question Author
Morning Boxtops. It was just a conversation me and some friends had in the pub over the weekend :)

I imagined there to be more "Yes" answers for some reason.
I voted yes. I think mankind is destroying itself. Shame but true. Like the old saying, you dont know how well off you are until you havnt got it, but by then it will be too late
We will never know will we !
I think it's very easy to look at your own little corner of the world and think it's representative of the whole of humanity.

I''l bet the Romans thought Humanity was doomed when the barbarians stormed the gates
//what about in the event of a nuclear war where there would be, undoubtedly, "some" survivors scattered across the planet.//

With technology, upon which we have come to depend, gone, I often wonder how, with only a few survivors, the human race would pick itself up and start again – and how long it would take it to regain its current knowledge? I imagine the survivors relating their history to new generations, telling stories of the incredible technology that man had once possessed, of the amazing machines that existed, of flights into space, of wonderful medicine – and once those eye witnesses died, their tales being carried further down the generations and eventually passing into the realms of mythology until such time that man was capable of re-inventing and rediscovering it all.
If the disaster event happens I want to be in a safe place with Ray Mears please...and a large arsenal
Over-population and the ever increasing birth rate will have a lot to do with the future of the human race. It seems to me that humanity is on the road to self destruction one way or another, but never mind - I won't be here.
Yes, once the religious nutters get hold of nukes it's good night Vienna!
-- answer removed --
It's life Jim but not as we know it!
Question Author
"Since we have no idea when humans were first living on earth and even less idea when they will no longer inhabit it, how can we possibly gauge when halfway is. Does it matter? The point of this survey is?..."

It's about perception and having a discussion about what forms the boundaries of the question itself. What do you call the "human race"? How do you define that? And if you had an opinion, which way would you go?
Question Author
Also, other questions which are being asked are: what do you think will be the end of the human race?

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Extinction of the Human Race

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