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Extinction of the Human Race

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AB Editor | 16:44 Mon 02nd Apr 2012 | Society & Culture
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As with so many big questions, the answer is "it depends". But as things are, the great majority of the human race is due for disaster of one kind or another, sooner or later. The first and probably worst disaster will be repeated famine, the second will be wars over water and possibly oil. Famine will occur because increasingly hot dry climates will support...
20:37 Mon 02nd Apr 2012
naomi24, it has oft been proven that to-day's science fiction is tomorrow's science fact.

W Ron.
Yes, indeed, Ron. I have to admit, your suggestion has never crossed my mind.
C. Don't Know
I voted no.

Would recommend the excellent documentary 'The Age of Stupid'. It's tagline is 'We wouldn't be the first life form to wipe itself out...But what would be unique about us is that we did it knowingly.'

Unless there is a cataclysmatic (spelling?) event wiping out the human race in its entirety, humans will survive. Peoples around the World have adapted to their environments spectacularly...'Human Planet' which was on yesterday shows that well I thought.

Personally I think humans will go back and the best survivors for example in the event of global warming, will be the tribal people.
How can the human SPECIES come to an end when it is in heaven glorifying god for eternity?
^^ Good question.
I reckon that sometimes the earth itself tries to get rid of a few thousand or so by having tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons, epidemics of some disease or other like the black death, etc. But it is not nearly enough as we keep procreating many more than are actually killed. Somehow or other the population must be controlled, but don't ask me how. As soon as it is suggested a great cry of Human Rights goes up. So until something really drastic happens we, as a species, will go on destroying ourselves.
I imagine the more primitive have a better chance of survival and probably deserve it as they have used fewer of the earth's resources.
I read oldnitro, I think is was. Old Nit…about has it.
We are the most advanced species on the planet. I believe it was Carl Sagan who said, we humans can not only contemplate the universe; se can contemplate our place in it”.
It might have Isaac Asimov, he was one of the truly most intelligent humans so far.

Each modern human has a modern brain, one with a frontal lobe or Neocortex. Do most humans make use of this amazing instrument? Of course not! Most humans are quite comfortable with being spoon fed poppycock which they then glom onto without hesitation and defend these misconceptions with anger and even violence.

The rare few, however, do use the Neocortex, politicians and preachers, of course, excepted. It is the few which are responsible for intellectual advancement and the evolution of our species.

All it will take for our extinction is to allow a few Reptilian/brain humans access to deadly instruments or pathogens and voila, extinction, probably in the name of some imaginary deity.

A SMART WOMAN ONCE ENTONED: “When we find that our god hates the very same people we do, we may rest assured that we have created god in our own image”.

The human brain comes in three segments, the R-Network, the Limbic and the frontal lobe or Neocortex. Some people still utilize the oldest part of our brain for decision making. We find them in religion and politics. Listen carefully to a republican House member and witness the R Network at work. A version of the Reptile brain is found in fish, dinosaurs, early reptiles and birds and, of course, politicians and preachers. There are, o course, a hand full of intelligent politicians and preachers but both groups must trod lightly in society least they be discovered and annihilated.
I hope so.
The human animal will continue to evolve - until our planet meets its end. Whether we bear any resemblance to how we are now seems very doubtful.
I believe the end will come when America launches a pre-emptive strike against the growing economic and military power of China.
I voted NO but I do believe that we are near the peak population density on Earth. I have just come back from India and recently visited China, these are huge countries and even far out in the country there is a terrible smog. They cannot double their air pollution without megadeaths occurring (about 2 million Chinese already die annually from air pollution, India does not collect the data). If they double their economic volume they will probably double their air pollution..
No. Not even a quarter iof the way there.

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Extinction of the Human Race

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