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Peace On Earth—How Will It Come?

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locust | 17:58 Sat 23rd Dec 2023 | Society & Culture
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Jesus, the Ruler of God’s Kingdom, is called the “Prince of Peace,” and he will ensure that “to peace there will be no end.”—Isaiah 9:6, 7.



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He'd better get moving then, God's children are dying in their thousands in wars which God allows to continue.

Well santa will be sprinkling his magic dust everywhere soon.

I don't think that there will ever be peace anywhere on Earth. Ever since humans first appeared, there has surely been discord of some kind. Humans have been given their own, unique personalities, which have led them to disagree with other humans. I think of cave dwellers, and imagine one lot envying the cave dwellers who lived in the next cave, because they got the sunshine in the afternoon. Things will never change.

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     Locust, For me, there will be no peace, on earth until the arrival of Christ Jesus, in all his glory, to bring to right who believe in the Christ and his father regard almighty.  Jesus, the Ruler of God’s Kingdom, is called the “Prince of Peace,” and he will ensure that “to peace there will be no end.”—Isaiah 9:6, 7.

As long as we have all the different religions I don't think there will ever be peace on earth.

It's a bit unfair of God to allow the majority of the people on the planet to be born into societies that embrace other religions.  They've got problems from the off - and through no fault of their own.  

A more-relevant question might be "When will it come?"

We all know that locust is not interested in anything anyone else says, he simply puts his beliefs up and ignore any responses that don't chime with what he thinks.

I exercise my finely honed sarcasm because it amuses me, safe in the belief that I will be ignored.

Locust is close minded and interested in no views outside his own.

Peace will come when mankind casts off the divisions of religion, with its false promises of a better life and incitement to treat non believers as somehow less.  When it realises we are all guardians of this Earth, and hold responsibility in common for its care going forward and when  pigs fly!  I think we will destroy ourselves long before this happens

When we least expect it ..maybe in a way we don't understand .

well tell that to  the Israelis !  yes pun intended

Peace on Earth can it be?

Years from now, perhaps we'll see

See the day of glory
See the day, when men of goodwill
Live in peace, live in peace again

Locust - You don't need to start your posts with your name. 

The system will place your name.ij your answer box, so everyone can identify whose post us who'se.

Also, the answers given by the originator of the thread - in this instance you - has the background of each of their posts on that thread highlighted, to show that the originator I'd responding to answers to their question.

Superfluous in your case, because you are not remotely interested in any answers that don't agree with your view, and you only ask a question so you can answer it yourself.

Unfortunately, there is not, as far as I know, a 'Preacherbank' on the web - maybe you would get the responses you crave so desperately, if you created one.

Peace will reign after the dust settles following the asteroid strike.

Don't have nightmares. x

Locust,why don't you take your pathetic preaching out on to the streets and leave us peaceful folk to our harmless and cheerful chatter.

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andy-hughes, You don't need to start your posts with your name.

Thank you for your comment in trying to guide me through the explanation how to work the writings, but I'm still learning how to write a decent comment or letter to explain this is serious situation which will arise shortly many people may think I'm a crack pop or a lunatic, but I've been studying the holy writing since I was a teenager, and now I'm in my 80s, and I've come to realize more and more how important the holy writings has become, therefore I am trying to help people to come to an understanding that the end of this world, is going to be not by humans, By a superior of Power, which is from the heavens, namely Christ Jesus and His Army, which will arrive shortly, it will be like a volcano unexpected unannounced no time no announcement so the only things which tell us is the holy writings given us an insight to what's going to happen for the future (thanks)

You are welcome to the advice about how AB works  - yours concerning the end of the world, I don't believe but thanks anyway, I am sure you are sincere in your beliefs, I simply don't share them.

I follow my own gods.

6 pints of lager followed by a kebab

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jary , .I follow my own gods.

Let's be honest with ourselves we all wish to know .if there is a creator or not but when you look around and see all the wonderful things which goes on in creation. And the Marvellous many of stars in the sky how they rotate how they stay in place .you cannot say nobody created those things, it's like walking through woods. And then come and across a house which has been built. And you look up and say there's a house for me. You don't enquire, who it belongs to, or where it comes from, from the beginning, therefore someone had to create it or make it or build it, only logic, tells you, that, someone had to build it, there is a supreme being in the sky or in the heavens directing and keeping things in Motion

This rise in temperature has already changed the climate and brought disastrous consequences. The Bible foretold that “fearful sights,” or terrifying events, would occur in our day. Climate change has generated terrifying weather events around the globe. Today, some people suffer from eco-anxiety—a chronic fear of environmental doom.

A 1,000 year period of Jesus reigning on earth will bring peace on earth. There wont be peace before that

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Peace On Earth—How Will It Come?

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