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Jesus Christ —God, Man, Or Myth?

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locust | 16:09 Fri 29th Dec 2023 | Society & Culture
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Jesus Christ  —God, Man, or Myth?  
 On the other hand, we should be eager to learn about a Jesus, who is alive and who is empowered by God, to bring lasting benefits to mankind. Evolution Undermines Faith. In advocating evolution, with whom do the clergy ally themselves, and what published statements show whether they are aware of it or not. Religious advocates of evolution thus join hands with atheistic communists whose avowed aim is to root out faith in God, In what ways is man more wonderfully made than the animals, (Genesis 1:27, 28), Then, of course, there are the leaders of false religion who preach from the Bible at times and yet live contrary to its teachings or come forth with philosophies such as “God is dead” or that the virgin birth, of Jesus is a myth or that the creation account in Genesis is a fairy tale.



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.Hi Julie thank you.For believing in your belief.( Jesus) does his exist yes,Your God and Jesus, Has given you a diary, tTo examine every day, To find out what is for the future, for your life expectancy, To live under your creator and Jesus authority, In his new kingdom or even in heaven, If that is possible. He will examine all people's hearts. in which they will have the opportunity to fulfill their obligation to him. when the time is right.And that time is for the future.And that future is very close at hands. In revelation, it explains that he Jesus Christ, will arrive when he is unexpected, And the people will flee because, they have turned their backs on their creator and the son Jesus Christ, so keep up your good work, and continue examined the bible ,or your book of Truth, every day to examine for Life eternally.
    Daniel 7 /13/14   Revelation 11:114/15     2 Timothy 4 /18  Daniel 2:44.

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     Andy. what a loader rubbish .you're trying to tell that woman you are, even confused or more than ever .let me explain one thing can you see the wind . the wind,falling from the sky. at times. But it does come .Is it possible to believe things are there that you cannot see. of course it is. cannot see .the sun's raised. or the sun's heat. Which it gives out. but it is there the.Air in the atmosphere. is caused by the trees. Given their air. To the humans. Every day.Every hour. But it is there. But you cannot see. You cannot see God.Because he is a spirit. But he is there. and he do prove he is there   ( sun?rain air you breathe there is a lot  more).by allowing You To Live every day. He has revealed everything to you. to give you life. But you ignore it. Because of your stupidity, as a man .And you call yourself educated. but  your head is full or loaded trash.that you give out.All the things you can't see are there. for us. Or our inprovement. for everyday of life. 
    Can you see the rotation at the Earth in its orbit. But we know it's, there. Because of the Seasons, and the moon is in it's orb, It in a different place,But we know it's there because we see it in its orbit. But we don't know how the Earth continues to rotate in his orbit Because we use the term gravity keeps it in place. but how that is my question.

Locust - Your halo is slipping.

My dismantling of your nonsense is getting to you, and your frustration is making you rude, very unChristian of you, you'd better pray for some forgiveness. 

Meanwhile, we will not change each others' views,  but you have a self-imposed duty not to be rude to unbelievers. 

Tut tut ....

Question Author

Andy hughes Locust - Your halo is slipping.

yes Andy thank you for reminding me, But I don't wear a halo. I am just a human being, And because sometimes the misunderstanding of abuse, even affect me,Even the abuse . Even jesus Got upset in his day,He even made a whip, And turn the people out of his father's house ,Because of their money making rackets and not using their house of prayer, God,s house, in a proper manner and not upholding their integrityed, and turn in their backs on their own God, Money was more inporanted .in those days, so you can even Jesus didn't wear a halo ,But he did uphold his father's integrity, yes Andy.

Question Author

naomi24. 2:20 Fri 05th Jan 2024    well, that missed it's mark.  Obviously I think Mary had a dalliance with her fiance . 
  Once again you're letting your imagination runaway with you, Because if you have actually read your Bible, As you tell me you Have, You will recognize.When Mary was speaking to the Angel Gabriel, she said she'd never been with a man, and how could that happen.
   Before you ask even yes I believe what the Bible tells me and not what the philosophy,of man. or what they, think with happ

Locust - Jesus may have got upset, but he didn't talk down to people, or be rude to them, or try and frighten them.

If you want to live by his example, you need a personality transplant first. 

Locust, the bible also tells you that the dead arose from their graves and roamed Jerusalem but there is no record from either the Jewish or the Roman authorities of that unprecedented event.   It's almost as if no one noticed.   Furthermore, if Joseph had no part in Mary's pregnancy, why did the authors of the gospels take the trouble to record his genealogy?  What's your explanation for that?

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Nsoni14 08:47 Tue 23rd Jan 2024 Locust, the bible also tells you that the dead arose from their graves


A careful examination of the Bible will eliminate the false idea sometimes advanced that the 15:22, 45; 1Ti 2:13, 14; Heb 11:4, 5, 7, 31; Jas 2:25; Jude 14) To contradict all this testimony would be accusing the God of truth of lying, or of needing some artifice or expedient to promote belief in his Word. It would also deny the Bible’s inspiration.


Since Jesus was not the natural son of Joseph but was the Son of God, Luke’s genealogy of Jesus would prove that he was, by human birth, a son of David through his natural mother Mary. Regarding the genealogies of Jesus given by Matthew and by Luke, Frederic Louis Godet wrote: “This study of the text in detail leads us in this way to admit —1. That the genealogical register of Luke is that of Hli, the grandfather of Jesus; 2. That, this affiliation of Jesus by He li being expressly opposed to His affiliation by Joseph, the document which he has preserved for us can be nothing else in his view than the genealogy of Jesus through Mary. But why does not Luke name Mary, and why pass immediately from Jesus to His grandfather? Ancient sentiment did not comport with the mention of the mother as the genealogical link. Among the Greeks a man was the son of his father, not of his mother; and among the Jews the adage was: ‘Genus matris non vocatur genus [“The descendant of the mother is not called (her) descendant We may conclude, therefore, that the two lists of Matthew and Luke fuse together the two truths, namely, (1) that Jesus was actually the Son of God and the. Natural heir to the Kingdom by miraculous birth through the virgin girl Mary, of David’s line, and (2) that Jesus was also the legal heir in the male line of descent from David and Solomon through his adoptive father Joseph. (Lu 1:32, 35; Ro 1:1-4) If there was any accusation made by hostile Jews that Jesus’ birth was illegitimate, the fact that Joseph, aware of the circumstances, married Mary and gave her the protection of his good name and royal lineage refutes such slander

‘Tombs Opened’ at Jesus’ Death. The text at Matthew 27:52, 53 concerning “the memorial tombs [that] were opened” as the result of an earthquake occurring at the time of Jesus’ death has caused considerable discussion, some holding that a resurrection occurred. However, a comparison with the texts concerning the resurrection makes clear that these verses do not describe a resurrection but merely a throwing of bodies out of their tombs, similar to incidents that have taken place in more recent times, as in Ecuador in 1949 and again in Son són, Colombia, in 1962, when 200 corpses in the cemetery were thrown out of their tombs by a violent earth tremor.—Bogotá, Colombia, July 31, 1962.


Locust, you've typed a load of kerfuffle so let's keep it simple.  If Jesus wasn't the son of Joseph there is no reason whatsoever for Joseph's ancestry to be mentioned.  None.

Question Author

Naomi24 Locust, you've typed a load of kerfuffle so let's keep it simple.


yes you ask. for an explanation on these two subjects ,and I've tried to give you an explanation, I've studied up and looked up quotations ,and examined vines exploring dictionary of old and New Testament words .and I've tried to give you the explanation of my thinking, and little expertation, but you are s, obstinent headstrong stubborn, you carry on with your own personal thinking, and do not take any advice from the holy writings, this will lead you completely estray,from the true god, in truth ,I have taken out time and energy to give you explanations of the holy writings, but you do not accept any of them,

Question Author

Andy hughes Locust -19:13 Mon 22nd Jan 2024 Jesus may have got upset, but he didn't talk down to people, or be rude to them, or try and frighten them.

you really don't know me, and you have the audacity to say I am a horrible man, and looked down on people, which is totally incorrect ,what I teach people is from this book, and this book to me is faithful and true, absolutely have said before everything is from these quotations, from this book and to a human point of view, they can sound nasty horrible,but the quotations of the book is for life, and not death,you think of death as being permanently in a grave ,or going to Heaven,but the Bible actually preaches a lot different, if you actually read the quotations ,and ponder over them and cross reference them, you will find that the Bible is trying to save people's lives not destroy it, and when you say incredible things about the Earth and its evolutionary, trash, his completely, different,from what the quotations in the Bible are,

No, the fossil record is again strangely silent​—strangely, that is, from evolutions viewpoint. For instance, the fish just appeared. Evolutionists cannot even agree on which ancestor produced it. According to their own reasoning, from the first supposed fish to the first actual fish fossil there is a gap of about one hundred million years. Why a hundred million? Because it was decided that evolution needs that much time to “evolve” something with a backbone.

Locust - We all 'know' what we know about each other from what we read on here, and we can pretty much form an accurate assessment of each others' basic character and personality. 

I 'know' all other regulars from what they say on here.

For example, Buenchico is a computer wiz and very kind in taking the time to assist us all with his knowledge. Naomi is a seasoned and erudite debater who stands no waffle and nonsense ,especially yours. I am opinionated, overtly verbose sometimes, with a tendency to sarcasm, but I am sensitive and kind-hearted. 

I, and anyone, can derive these character traits from their and my postings.

If I apply that simple analysis to you, I find a one-track mind utterly obsessed with the arrogance that you must "teach" us your dogmatic frightening superior view of your God and the Bible. You look down on everyone, you are beyond reasoning with your hard attitudes, you are cruel with your doom-laden fate for anyone who doesn't see the world as you do. You preach endlessly to people who, apart from your fellow fervents, are busy simply trying to get along and be as good as they can.

It takes no 'audacity' to see what you are, and have been for years, and if the truth hurts, then live with it.

Next time you check the bible for your endless pointless screeds to mask your superiority, check about the bit about motes and beams, and try applying that to yourself. 

You need a large dose of the humility your God's son is supposed to have, it might make you a nicer person, and closer to the example he set, and you are a very long way from even understanding , much less actually following.

Locust, //I have taken out time and energy to give you explanations of the holy writings, but you do not accept any of them//


You're right - because they make no sense.  I have given you an example of something that, according to your beliefs, has no place whatsoever in the gospels - and yet it is there.  Furthermore, you are taking part in these discussions voluntarily so please don’t present yourself as a teacher, life-influencer, psychologist or critic because that is arrogant.  Other people have read what you've read but they go a bit further than you.  Without depending upon something that someone else has written as you do - that makes no sense anyway - they are able to offer rational reasons for disagreeing with you.  


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Jesus Christ —God, Man, Or Myth?

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