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You looking for a new April for your trophy room Hymie?

Hymie; Where are the Brexit benefits? you ask.

Well, here;

'Remainers humiliated again as London capitalises on Brexit as world's top financial centre

EXCLUSIVE: A major new report has revealed that London is still the top location for financial services, and its status has been boosted by Brexit.'


//An Mp Explains The Benefits Of Brexit//


He's an MP?  Tell me more.

The "major new report" is just a load of Brexit propaganda, which of course the Far Right Express would enthuse over.


I expect these  posts will still be posted in 20 years time.

All caused by stupid English nationalists and stupid Scottish nationalists.Both,hopefully,to be out of office shortly.

I see the boss of the Melia Hotel group is complaining about Brexit and the problems it is causing his group in the UK then goes on to say he is opening another 20 hotels in the UK this year.  Just another having a moan I think.

Despite your racist rants Hymie,this time we agree-Brexit has been a total disaster for Britain.

The success of the City of London is coupled with other important Brexit victories including the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership super £12 trillion trade deal, the Australia and New Zealand deals, and the UK over taking France in manufacturing and growing more than the major EU economies.

Britain has also become Europe's centre for new e-vehicle production and technology with investments by Jaguar Landrover, Nissan and Ford. 😛

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An Mp Explains The Benefits Of Brexit

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