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Brit Second-Home Owners Of Houses In France.

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Atheist | 19:50 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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French govt has decided to let Brits with second homes in France have the right to visit France for 180 days (instead of the current 90 days). But it might be considered by the Conseil Constitutionel.

Anyone here know if the Conseil has become involved, or will the new law apply. And if so, when?



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Hymie, I have read OGs post a couple of times and can't see that he is asking for the "special treatment" as you say he has.  Why try and twist posts to suit your agender.

I read an article yesterday where the pretty little villages in England are complaining that 'Europeans' are purchasing homes and only living in them part of the time.

Is that not what Brits have been doing to Europe for decades?

I will see if I can find the article

Most of my Brexit posts are not political; they are just reality for UK citizens post Brexit – I have even pointed out that as a result of Brexit we can have pint bottles of champagne, imperial signage distances within Dartford tunnel, the Crown Mark on pub glasses, blue passports, shellfish beds found In the Thames estuary and many other similar benefits of Brexit – so it is unfair for say my Brexit posts are full of misery.

Naomi 08,29 perhaps you haven't noticed but Atheist is talking about France Do try and keep up please .

OG said // as we have a long standing relationship there was no need to apply rules that have obviously proved unnecessary//

No need to apply rules, is special treatment to me!!!!!!

gulliver, see Hymie's post at 08:07 Mon where he talks about 'property within another EU country'.   Reading the posts will help you.

Hymie, all your Brexit posts are political - and all full of the same old tedious, pathetic spinning every time.  

Just like this one then – twisting the words spoken by that con-artist, Gove.

You lost, keep choming those sour grapes or has the EU banned them to the UK?

0849 - Is Hymie not guilty of doing what many many others do - just a different subject?

Hymie, that video was posted in 2016 - the year of the referendum.  If anything in Europe has changed for British people in Europe since then, blame the wonderful EU.  They're making the rules.

Nothing has changed since 2016 within the EU in relation to the rights of non-EU citizens living and owning property within the EU.


Gove was conning people into believing that UK citizens would have the same rights post Brexit, as if we were still EU members.

Atheist 20.46 "An unexpected problem that Johnson hadn't seen coming"  I am not taking the Pee Atheist but this one made me laugh.

Johnson didn't think anything out when he conned the public over getting Brexit done, and certainly was not concerned about any problems it would cause you or I ..He was in the game just for himself to grab the top job which he did ,and when he got there he couldn't handle it so he got booted out by his own MPS ..The rest is history and I hope Johnson is..

Hymie, That's contradictory.  If nothing has changed what's the problem?   If anything has changed, the EU and the countries within it changed it.  Make your mind up, hymie.

The thing that has changed is that we have left the EU, and now UK citizens are subject to the rules of non-EU citizens living and owning property in the EU.

As EU members, our citizens were free to work and own property in any EU country.

Our citizens still own properties and work in EU countries.   Do get a grip, hymie.  The sky hasn't fallen - really it hasn't.

As some who claims to own property within the EU, I’d check that you are no breaching any of the rules now applicable to UK citizens (as non-EU citizens) – you could well find that the Spanish authorities refuse you entry, if you’re not careful.


And to work within the EU, you now need a work permit/visa as a non-EU citizen.

So what?  So get a permit.  People from the other 170 or so countries in the world that aren't members of the EU seem to manage.  Anyway, thanks for your concern, Hymie, but I'm fine - and I don't 'claim' to own property in Spain - I do own property in Spain.

09.52 Hymie The Spanish authorities wouldn't dare refuse Namoi entry to Spain. She would say to the authorities.

"Dont you know who I am "


It will come as a surprise to you that EU countries don’t just give out work permits to anyone who asks.

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Brit Second-Home Owners Of Houses In France.

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