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Why Do I Feel Embarrassed About Looking Young?

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Tom9348 | 17:27 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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So I'm almost 26 years old and today I was out for a meal. When I ordered my meal I also ordered a pint of fosters, I was refused the drink because the waitress didn't think I was old enough and I didn't have my drivers licence with me to prove otherwise. I explained that I'm nearly 26 years old, as did my family members who were with me, but they still said I didn't look old enough, so I had to order a soft drink. I have to say I felt a little humiliated and self conscious afterwards



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Yep. The Aussies call a case of Fosters a 'slab of poss'

Question Author

For those saying it won't last, I take after my mum and her side of the family, look younger than their years 

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And as for balding, I prevent that by taking a medication called finasteride and also use minoxidil 

Dave /I've been supping in pubs since I was 15, I don't think anyone thought of asking for ID proof until the 80s. /   I think we were all drinking in pubs young years ago.  I certainly was at 16 Usually Vodka and Lime.  Noone asked for ID. 

//And as for balding, I prevent that by taking a medication called finasteride and also use minoxidil //

How sad.

I wish I had the problem of being embarrassed by looking young 😏

Tom, looking young also runs on my mother's side of the family.  I'm surprised there are medicines available to stop balding.  Are they safe? It's OK for men to go bald, it's natural for many and most women don't care.  It doesn't put us off.  It does make man look older though.

Vagus.  Facially I still look younger. It's my wrecked body that makes me look 101!!

CL, my body and face match πŸ˜πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ but I don't care, I've enjoyed every moment getting every wrinkle and saggy bit, it's me 😁

LoL Hun!    

Not much point in rolling up at the crem with a handsome fit body! Still gets burnt.

Very true Dave

//And as for balding, I prevent that by taking a medication called finasteride and also use minoxidil //

Yer nae a country-lad are yer? And certainly not a Lake District one. They take a couple of clumps of fresh sheep wool mixed in with sheep-*** pellets and apply to their bonces, put the Mrs's shower cap over the artifical wig and sleep overnight in it. Once every two weeks and yer g'ud.

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Dave- why is it sad that I take treatment to stop balding? I like having hair 

I didn't realise there are actual treatments which help prevent male hair loss, you learn something every day!

If it helps your self esteem then why not, Tom?

Where have you been vagus...those treatments have been around for ages. πŸ˜‰Also ones to restore/encourage growth.

Tom...are you actually going bald ?

I always thought it was like snake oil, Pasta, lots of hype, expensive and made no difference.

its difficult, as a woman, to know how you'd feel, as a man, going bald, isn't it?

You are 25 and already worried about balding?? 

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I was going bald, you know the classic receding hairline and bald patch, but before it got out of hand I started finasteride to prevent further loss, then I got on minoxidil and after a year and a half on minoxidil my hairline has gone back to normal and my bald patch has gone. My hair is much thicker and longer than it was before treatment 

Question Author

Finasteride works by blocking DHT, the hormone that causes balding, and minoxidil works to regrow hair by increasing blood flow to the scalp, which of course will increase hair growth and density 

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Why Do I Feel Embarrassed About Looking Young?

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