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Why Do I Feel Embarrassed About Looking Young?

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Tom9348 | 17:27 Fri 16th Feb 2024 | Society & Culture
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So I'm almost 26 years old and today I was out for a meal. When I ordered my meal I also ordered a pint of fosters, I was refused the drink because the waitress didn't think I was old enough and I didn't have my drivers licence with me to prove otherwise. I explained that I'm nearly 26 years old, as did my family members who were with me, but they still said I didn't look old enough, so I had to order a soft drink. I have to say I felt a little humiliated and self conscious afterwards



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I go on another forum, and there's a sub on there for men who are, or might be going bald. Some are obviously quite worried. Others just embrace it...and shave their hair right off. 

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Pasta freak- glad I didn't do that! My hair is thick and dense since the treatment 

And there was me thinking it was a sea area on the shipping forecast.

My ex brother in law always looked much younger than his age. He took full advantage of his looks. Hence the ex.

Now he looks like a desiccated Cliff Richards aka Clive Webb.


Tom9348,it was your school uniform that made them suspicious about your age.

I shouldn't worry about it, I'm well beyond the pensionable age and it happens to me all the time. I put it down to yoga and a sensible diet. 😄

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Why Do I Feel Embarrassed About Looking Young?

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