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What Exactly Does It Mean If Someone Says You Are Full Of ***?

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bluefortress | 23:51 Mon 18th Mar 2024 | Society & Culture
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Say someone who you have barely spoken to (but was in your social circle) was talking about you to someone else and told them 'her hearts in the right place but she's full of ***'? 

What could this mean exactly if they barely know you?



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it means they're  rude and if they don't know you they just make things up. Ignore them.

Probably that you talk a lot of rubbish?

They may think that you need more fibre in your diet.

It means that the person who told someone else that you are full of **** is a very unpleasant, underhand, two-faced, nasty individual, and you should not give them a moment of your time, nor a single one of your thoughts. 

Rise above it.  

Question Author

Thanks for the replies all. It's frustrating when people are decent with you most of the time and you can have a laugh with them etc but they sometimes say nasty things. Its like if they are ok most of the time do you forgive the nasty comments even if they are being truthful. 

I think he  probably wants to go out on a date with you.

Sly schemers these men, they say anything

everyone on AB tells me I am full of poo! - get used to it. I use "look it up!" but no one does.

Speak for yourself Pete.

I'm pure, simple and chaste..

oo -  what are you doing er later on tonight? hur hur hur

I think it means that you are often exaggerating things, and like to embellish  situations.

a braggart, show off, egotistical.


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What Exactly Does It Mean If Someone Says You Are Full Of ***?

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