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Atheist | 18:20 Mon 01st Apr 2024 | Society & Culture
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Sorry for a dumb question, but can anyone explain to me what is the essence of the issue about the trans question? Why is Ms Rowling so passionate about it?

I hope for a calm explanation rather than an attack.

Here’s hoping...



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///Never knew what you might see in them.///

A problem which we is occurring in women's toilets at the moment.

But to be honest, toilets and changing rooms are the most obvious battle-fields at the moment. But there are myriad other ways in which women are being made to step-back and let men in.

It strikes me that Izzard, dressed like that, would be more likely to be assaulted (no matter what toilet he went into) than be the perpetrator of an assault.


Why do you think that? thats akin to saying 'she wore a short skirt so she was asking for it'

Nope, just making the point that wearing a dress and going into the women's toilets does not automatically make someone an aggressor, but may make someone a target for aggressive types ...

'Agressive types' in a womans toilet? 

Some women can be aggressive, don't you find, Auntypoll?

My point is that 'Suzy' Eddie Izzard is a man, a well-known man, and he is queuing in the Womens Toilets.

He is 'Transgender ' because he has self-identified as such and because of this we have to accept a wholly physically intact man wearing artificial breasts into our WCs.

No-one is suggesting that he is posing any danger to the women in this queue; he simply shouldn't be in it.

ellipsis No doubt there are, unfortunately many strong assertive women are classed as aggressive by misogynistic men. 

Side tracking a bit.  But is this similar to methods used by some groups to change those who are gay...?

//Society needs to treat those with this type of mental issue with those psychiatric practices known to help correct the malfunctioning thought processes.//

Pasta - Not for nothing is there a feeling that there has been a whole, wealthy industry grown-up focusing on 'Transing away the gay'.

Having a gay child is such anathema to some parents that they would rather forcibly persuade the child and the medics that they are a 'Trans' child and start them off on a nightmare pathway to a lifetime of pharmaceutical dependency and irrevirsible body modifications.

*apologies for the appalling spelling, I have a cat snoozing on my lap who is making it awkward to type.....

18:49...shocked as I thought those attitudes were on the way out.

18:50...cats on laps are always allowed. Wish my anti social boy would use my lap.

Calm explanation as requested:

Woman calls men men and women women.  Why is JKR passionate?  Because she's a woman who believes in standing for womens rights, when they are being eroded by extremists (in this case in the Scottish parliament).

JTH @18:49...That reminds me of a young woman I worked with many years ago. When her family discovered she was gay,they locked her up in her bedroom. Then they forced her to marry a former bf...who knew her secret as she'd gone out with him to distract her family. It was purely for appearances. Years later, she was still friends with that ex, as she trusted him as a friend. 

Well Pasta, things that are, at the time, considered a mental issue are bound to have similar approaches to try to solve them. One may as well say doesn't the medical profession use surgery both for hernias and appendectomies.


The point being that different issues may end up needing different responses. Blatant denial of reality resulting in mutilation, abuse, and massive problems in society, is likely to prove very different to having a preference in a sexual partner that prevents nature's benefit from having the norm.

For such a tiny minority of people, trans people seem to get a huge amount of attention.

There are only two sexes male and female. Gender perhaps is a little more fluid, but the idea that a person can self identify as a dog or robot is one for the birds

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