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What Is The Point Of Existance ?

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modeller | 11:36 Tue 20th Jun 2017 | Religion & Spirituality
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Only we humans think we are special, and we have only existed for a few hundred thousand years.
All other organisms have an unaware finite existence.
Even the Universe has a finite existence. So what's the point ?


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Like every other living creature we're born, we live, we die. That's it. To assume there's a point assumes there's a plan. I don't believe there is.
Why is yellow so difficult to knit in a lava flow?

I agree with the Phantomflanflinger ^^^
There isn't a point, there doesn't have to be, we aren't important or special in the big scheme of things, but it's nice to be nice so while we're here we should try to be, that's the only legacy we can really leave.
There's a point ? If there is then hopefully I'll find out when I've passed into that realm where the 'spirit in the sky' welcomes all. Meanwhile I'll try to get the most I can from being here.
We are born ,we live then die, that's it. Why people take the bit in the middle so seriously I have no idea. We are insignificant creatures on a tiny insignificant planet that will cease to exist one day. So don't take life so seriously because we really are unimportant in the great scheme of things.
There is no point but generally we strive for existence and if we can make our existence more pleasant then great. Some people would argue that we are here to reproduce our every other living thing on this planet. Some others would argue that this very selfishness of reproducing is what will spell out the destruction of humans/the planet as we know it.
You should try reading existentialism. Sartre, Camus or Simone de Beauvoir. (Among others.) They all agree - we are free, and we are responsible to ourselves for that freedom. Nobody else is. Nothing else is. We have only ourselves to blame, only ourselves to fall back on. There is nothing else. We have to deal with our own existence without any kind of meaning. Our existence - the Universe's existence - has no meaning or point or purpose or meaning save the genetic demand to reproduce. Make of your existence what you will. It's absolutely all up to you.
I drink, therefore I am.
OP, to appreciate our fellow monkeys whilst we're here and their shortcomings.

42 btw. ;-)
Douglas, do you mean "I drink, therefore I am ... never quite sure"? ;o)
Question Author
I remember a vicar once saying to me God created Man to worship him. Which was IMO a stupid answer , as it denigrates God, even if he/it exists, into a narcissus moron.
Why would he/it feel the need to be worshipped, especially by an organism that has only very recently come into existence. ie about 14 billion years after the so called
I feel that the only purpose in life is to make other folk happy.

I am now retired , however when I was working there was a nicely carved wood sign on the wall behind my desk; which a then young girl in the typing pool had brought back as a present for me after she had been on holidays. It illustrated everything that kvalidir has said :-

It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.

Oh you've reminded me of my forgotten school mornings, Modeller..... :-(

The nun would ask, every morning....
Who made you?.......
God made me.......we had to reply...
Why did God make you?.......
To know him, to love him and to serve him......
I cringe now....

What is the point of our existence?......What we make it to be........x
Question Author
Considering that less than 0.1% of the universe is organic and only came into existence billions of years after its initial creation I wonder what influence reproduction would have had on any initial planning .
What is the point of our existence?......What we make it to be.

agreed... and to further that point no man should ever be forced to go shoe shopping with their spouse EVER!

Even Dante didn't mention that one in his seven levels of hell.
What Is The Point Of Existence ?

To me it is about not wasting in whilst thinking 'What is the point?'.
Must have been in one of the other two then, Arksided.
You and MrG would have had a good moan over a pint, Ark!...... :-)
The question from the modeller is .."What Is The Point Of Existence".?

I am going to be bold and say None. Has anyone ever proved otherwise.?. Furthermore, it is very unlikely that there is an AB member who can say otherwise.


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What Is The Point Of Existance ?

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