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What Is The Point Of Existance ?

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modeller | 11:36 Tue 20th Jun 2017 | Religion & Spirituality
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Only we humans think we are special, and we have only existed for a few hundred thousand years.
All other organisms have an unaware finite existence.
Even the Universe has a finite existence. So what's the point ?


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Yep , Im looking forward to the re-boot. Not the abridged version.
Question Author
"Naomi ! Your answer "To assume there's a point assumes there's a plan. I don't believe there is. "

If that's the case how does anything ever exist ?
modeller, not with you. Are you suggesting that without a plan it's not possible for anything to exist?
As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. Carl Jung.
^... err.... right.
What is the point of existence?

Consider the alternative . . . and all will be revealed.
To be or not to be, that is the question......
Not much point in asking questions to which there is no answer. It's called evolution.
To try and help one and other in every way.
Always worthwhile TWR.
What was the point of humans being in existence if only to be born, live 80 or so years and then die?

As I see it, we acquire a mass of information and it all goes to waste! Think of all the experiences we have, what is the point? Every individual has acquired some measure of intelligence, some more than others, but what happens to it all?

There has to be a reason.
idiosyncrasy, //There has to be a reason.//

Firstly, why does there have to be a reason?

Secondly, if there is a reason, why do you, as a man of religion, presume to know what it is?
am so glad Arky said 42

that is undeniably accepted across the universe.
There is no point, we happened! not by design, we just happened. No plan no point.
Naomi@ Of course there has to be a reason. There is a reason for everything. The well-known Greek Philosopher Aristotle, believed that everything happens for a reason, always. And that every experience in your life, was designed to shape you and reform you into the ultimate and greatest version, that could ever imagine yourself to be. The only thing that prevents this, is having the wisdom to see it.
I know there is something after life, but I'm not saying how I know because too many folk on here would be quick to scoff and I don't want it trivialised, suffice to say something wonderful happened after I lost a dear, dear loved one and that's good enough for me, and I do not now fear what comes after death.
I know what you mean about the scoffers, but to hey with them
Was feeling a bit low one evening and asked my late Great Aunt to visit, she did and held me hand til I fell asleep.
(that was a long time ago and yes, I was sober at the time)
That's lovely albs. Mine concerns my wonderful Dad and I think of it often.
//I know there is something after life, but I'm not saying how I know because too many folk on here would be quick to scoff//

Please share hereIam. I havnt found anything convincing myself but am open to ideas (I spent a lot of time in my younger years visiting spiritualist churches, mediums etc).

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What Is The Point Of Existance ?

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