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This Really S Ridiculous.

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locust | 16:53 Tue 08th Feb 2022 | Religion & Spirituality
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14:25 Thu 15th Apr 2021 This really s ridiculous. Who constructs a plan which obliges him to pay a ransom to himself? It makes no sense whatsoever.

////know me where in the bible does it say god is jesus- or jesus is god if you look {colossias2.12} {ACT 7.55.56} IF-if ? jesus was god he would he took up his rifle place he would have not stood at the right hand of god he would sat on his loyal throne position ?The Emphasized Bible {Hebrews 12.2}2 Looking away unto our faith’s Princely-leader and perfecter Jesus,—Who in consideration of the joy lying before him Endured a cross, shame despising! And on the right hand of the throne of God hath taken his seat. ? as imperfect people we may not appreciate the perfect arrangement from someone like the creator who is perfect


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PP, //Naomi is correct there is no statement that "there is a threefold god//

I didn't say that.
// Jesus wasn't convicted by the mob - only days before his arrest the people were lauding him //

oh dear someone's Bible doesnt include
and "what shall I do with heem?" said Pilate in a not very convincing accent ? - "Crucify heem Crucify heem!"
"I cant do that it is one of your doodarze" said Pilate
Holy days prompted an aide
"Yeah wunna dem" said Pilate.....

and the rest as they say is History

( new Translation - Bible in Prole-speak)
//oh dear someone's Bible doesnt include.. //

Oh dear, and someone's reading doesn't include .... reading. Take a breath and engage your brain, PP.
n. //Khandro, 11:57 Tue 15th Feb//

Are we in a different bible?
I don’t know. Are you?
Question Author
Khandro, Tue 15th Feb// Are we in a different bible?
-Locusts, // The most important thing is that we Read the bible and come to an Accurate understanding --not man's philosophies -made up to look good . This is a diary from your creator to help us to an understanding?? two things which will take place shortly-- Revelations is your last book in the bible for the last days of this system - – Of his return but he has gave you an indication[information} of the last days and the system of things which will take place very very shortly.?
Revelation 21 3 King James Version3 And I heard a great voice out of heaven saying, Behold, the tabernacle of God s with men, and he will dwell with them, and they shall be his people, and God himself shall be with them, and betheir God.
Question Author
Naoni 2Naoni 24- 15th Feb you don't like the truth.... // --Locusts,how can you say untruth when you really don't know me--And the truth will set me free from this satanic system??
Naoni 24- and as for the flood, God messed up there too.
-Locusts,// i asked you are you sure- sure he messed up when he broke the deluge flood upon the earth undestroyed. And destroy the wicked system at that time.-- As You can read --they moved away from their creator --If you were to compare it to today's- world you would find it absolutely repulsive'.
Read your bible....// Locusts, --you think you know it all but i've been reading the bible since a teenager and now i am an elderly persons of {78} and i'm still learning ???-- I would suggest that you will need to update your knowledge on the bible -Butt but the real message the truth or message which is trying {reveal }to tell you but you do not take any notice -- like i've said before you are like the people in Noahs day who took no note of noah ???--
.3The Emphasized Bible 1That in last days there will set in perilous seasons;
King James Version 1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
The Bible in Living English2 Timothy3 1 But know this, that in the last days difficult times will come on --
always learning and never able to come to awareness of truth . - 12 And all who propose to live PIOUSLY in Christ Jesus will also be persecuted; 13 But scoundrels and impostors will make progress for the worse, misguiding and misguided .
Locusts, If, as you say, I’m like the people of Noah’s day and God’s plan to rid the planet of people like me had worked, I wouldn’t exist. He failed.
Question Author
Noani 24- --Locusts, If, as you say, I’m like the people of Noah’s day and God’s plan to rid the planet of people like me had worked I wouldn’t exist. He failed
Locusts,/// noani 24--I wouldn’t exist. He failed-- But adam and eve was not distroyed - not in that moment of time they still live 950 years approximately -But--but god's words did come true they did die and their life came to an end --- locust //This is a very important question--this is a question you have to ask yourself ??? Are you willing to put on the spiritual suit of armor against the satanic system ? --- are you willing to turn around ?--And put on the new personality according to jesus christ--Learn and believe in the only true god - the creator . This is tirley up to you - YOU are the one how choose --BUT remember they thought Noah was crazy . But he continued building that large arc which took about 50 years to complete- But the rain did come.- .YOU are the one who chooses – Your are the one who choosing who side you're on ???? But the bible has forecasted a day when jesus christ will arrive wielding a sword of destruction for those who have turned their back on their creator .
Locusts, you’ve completely ignored the point I made. I’ll try again.

1. God regretted making man (clearly this perfect God wasn’t perfect - he made a mistake).

2. God flooded the earth in order to cleanse the earth and rid it of the bad people.

3. The plan didn’t work. Bad people still exist. Another mistake.

I’m happy to have a discussion but I would be obliged if you would stop preaching to me. I’ve heard it all before and I think it’s nonsense. Like every other living creature I will live until I die and I accept that.

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This Really S Ridiculous.

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