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Life After Death Impossible?

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fender62 | 16:06 Sun 03rd Sep 2023 | Religion & Spirituality
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just a thought, over the centuries and now, people have reported thye have seen spirits ghosts etc.. are they all lying or hallucinating, even some renowned people have said they have seen a ghost ghosts etc, i tend to believe they exist or something strange is going on.


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I've always seen ghosts, whether they are proof of life after death, I don't know.
Although most occurrences can be explained, experience has taught me that odd things that really do defy ‘rational’ explanation happen. I set little store by the claims of ghost hunters who make a hobby of visiting places that make a business of their resident ‘ghosts’. Although they say they look for the rational first I think they grasp at almost any straw and call it supernatural simply because they want to find it.

I don’t believe anything is supernatural. Once we discover what’s happening - if we ever do - all will be regarded as just another element of nature.
I don’t believe in any of this stuff because it’s just too fantastically absurd, plus there’s never been a single jot of evidence of its existence. All we’ve ever had is anecdotal.

There’s been a number of debates on AB over the years about ghosts with people swearing blind they’ve experienced them, and the conversation has been something similar to the following:

“Ghosts do not exist – if they did we’d have evidence by now, for a start pretty much everybody has a camera on their phone.”

“Well I’ve seen a ghost – are you calling me a liar?”

“I’m not calling you a liar, but you saying you’ve seen a ghost is anecdotal at best, and you saying you’ve seen one doesn’t mean that me, as a non-believer, will suddenly start believing in them just on your say so”

Other things I don’t believe in are:

The fairies at the bottom of the garden.
The efficacy of homeopathy.
I would add that I don’t believe the ‘supernatural’ has anything to do with religion which is simply a figment of man’s imagination.

In saying ‘the laws of physics underlying everyday life are completely understood’, I think Sean Carroll may be mistaken. For example what happens to the energy generated by emotions - where does it go? And what does a thought consist of? What is its fibre? Does a lifetime of all of that somehow combine to form what we call the soul? We know the mechanics of how thoughts and emotions are generated but that’s about it. I don’t believe we know all there to know about physics as the expert intimates - not by a long way - and I really think he might be jumping the gun and giving science credit where it really isn’t due.
I tend not to be so certain as some seem to be about that for which I have no reasonable explanation.
//How can you prove that Tomus?//

I obviously can't, but I don't need to. It's obvious. Can you provide proof, or failing that, a single shred of evidence, that something else is true.

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Life After Death Impossible?

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