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What do you believe in

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Lonnie | 20:53 Fri 23rd Mar 2007 | Religion & Spirituality
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Do you believe in God?.

Do you believe in a benevolent or an unforgivng God?.

If your a believer, and practice, why is your religion the
right one?.

If your a non -believer, why?.

Enough questions to be going on with, I think.

My own belief, after being brought up in a strict religious society, is that there may be a creator, seeing how everything natural fits together like a jigsaw, can't make my mind up, but I definately do not believe in a benevolent God.
Every living thing on this planet, has to eat something thats either alive, or has been alive, and that, to me, if we were created by a benevolent God, is the sickest joke around, that, and supposed free will.


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That will teach me to paste before I've completed all the points...

Continuing from: "So, you're saying that a process that took eons to occur, and which (scientists claim) occurred by random chance, in " very specific conditions whose parameters science cannot know to the nth degree must be capable of replication within 50 years or it is not possible?

Reading even some of the quotes by Dawkins on the link below, is more than enough to throw up doubts in anybodys mind regarding abiogenesis, and whilst the debate rages between scientists who earn their crust from this, what can the layman do but watch from the sidelines?
You applaud one side of the argument, whilst others, equally informed as yourself, applaud the other.
Like I said, I have come across nothing to shake my belief in a creator God. 36/36_4/abiogenesis.html
I have no vested interests either way, I simply deplore the lack of consistency in your arguments to refute it.
Well Dawkins was grasping at straws.

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What do you believe in

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