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Is It Coming Home?

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AB Editor | 15:49 Tue 10th Jul 2018 | Football
34 Answers

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  • No, you're dreaming - 71 votes
  • 65%
  • It's coming home! - 39 votes
  • 35%

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It won't accept my vote!
Well, we will not have a better chance than this , for a long time again
Second time lucky.
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Definitely best chance we'll ever have... they seem quite relaxed under Gareth, but with no world class players in our team (Harry Kane is very good but not world class IMO) they seems much more of a team spirit and playing for each other rather than dependent on Star Player(s). With the 'Big teams' mostly gone hope they seize the moment presented to them.
I don't think it's coming home, I hope I'm wrong since it is certainly the very best chance since 1966 given who has gone out so far (including Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Spain, and of course the host country who nearly always seems to have an advantage).
It's always coming home.
(Until it's not.)
They did come close in 1990 also reaching the semi-finals... with Gazza crying if they reached the final due to him not being able to play in it. Alas knocked out penalties by those pesky Germans.
It definitely could be.

Croatia haven’t been good this tournament and have been very lucky to get through to the semis.

I fancied Belgium from the beginning as they have some fabulous players, but they are not really playing as a team.

France have looked uninspired, but have been improving. They just might pip the Belgians.

And England. They beat the easy teams easily. Played a friendly with Belgium, and were good against Columbia, and even better against Sweden.

I can see us beating Croatia. We can beat Belgium in the final, but France (if they turn up) might be trickier.
Looking at tonight's line-ups you realise how many talented players are playing for both sides.
let's dare to dream eh, I voted yes.
So did I ^^^^
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IF IF IF they beat Croatia..France will not be a walk in the park..but...everything crossed..COME ON ENGERLAAAAAAND !!!
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IF...IF ...they play Sterling, then I hope that there is never a critical situation where he is one to one with the goalie.
I can understand Southgate wanting to keep the same team......but...really......he needs to play Rashford.

England should win.
They should win if for no other reason than having the nerve to sport those haircuts and tattoos.
we should beat Croatia....but France are a different kettle of fish...

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