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Is It Coming Home?

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AB Editor | 15:49 Tue 10th Jul 2018 | Football
34 Answers

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  • No, you're dreaming - 71 votes
  • 65%
  • It's coming home! - 39 votes
  • 35%

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If we do win it then it proves you need a large slice of luck. We had far better squads in 86 and 90 but no luck at all.
The so called 'golden generation' were a complete let down.

These kids have heart and desire... Hopefully that and a slice of luck will get them over thee line. (France do have a better squad unfortunately)
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Playing against players who trot out for Barcelona and Rael Madrid week in week out - I doubt it, but I do hope so.
Heard a Scottish wag on Milibands show on Radio 2 commenting that it will be nice if they win so the rest of us can watch in colour (regularly and for eternity)
Could maybe even retire the number 1966. :-)
Only thing that is coming home the English team if and it's a big if they are lucky enough to reach the final the French will demolish them,you have no chance of beating the French
I suspect we may be left with nothing but sore heads tomorrow - I really do hope I'm proved wrong - but thirty years of hurt etc
what luck have we had talbot?
Surely the following need answers ---
Does it want to come home ?
Where has it been ?
If it has been away why do we want it back.?
If we let it come back will it stop all the drunks singing footballs coming home out of tune?
careful jordyboy, if we do win I'll be bringing up your answer on this thread from now until eternity, or when Scotland win the world cup, which ever is sooner!
I don;t agree that Croatia have been luck to get this far.
In the group stages they demolished three good sides, and in the knockouts came up against 2 stultifying dull teams who had little interest in coming forward. They showed supreme willpower to get past the Russians and won't lack for belief and determination. They have a very powerful midfield trio.
If England get past them they'll have to then overcome France, who are a formidable side.
And I see Serbian Djokovic has annoyed everyone by coming out for Hrvatska :-)
well there ya go......
If this is like those TV programmes, my vote shouldn't count, but I should still be charged.
If you voted after the fact Hopkirk then yes you should be charged with having inside information. (Insider Trading)

Is it you that once tried to forge a lottery ticket by chance... ;-)

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Is It Coming Home?

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