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Bazile | 13:02 Sun 04th Oct 2020 | Sport
13 Answers
Rafael Nadal . before he serves , hits the racquet against his feet

When I used to play squash I often did the same

What other rituals can you think of by any sports people ?


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I thought hitting the racquet did have a reason - to get the clay dust off. (Apart from all his other routines!)
Gary Player always wearing black

Tiger Woods wearing red on final day of championships
The sign of the cross. (mainly boxers, I think)
If that were the only ritual he had, matches would be much shorter.
Frankie Dettori and his flying dismount (if that's a ritual)
Tha Haka by the All Blacks.
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I remember Cliff Thorburn walking around the table two dozen times looking at the balls , before finally getting down and playing a shot
^ he was still quicker than terry griffiths
Trainer Jack Berry always wore a red shirt.
Certain footballers have rituals regarding in what order they don their strips. Also in what order they queue to run onto the pitch.

Spice, quite a few football players (mainly foreign imports) do the 'up, down, left and right thingummyjig before kissing an imaginary cross, on their arrival from the touchline.
Maria Sharapova doing little baby steps to avoid stepping on the lines between points. Drove me nutty.
Oh and Nadal’s pants-pulling thing.
In fact, all of Nadal’s things. Ears, hair, nose, pants and repeat...

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